Underhanded and dirty tricks

Okay folks, I’m sorry not to be the bearer of good news at this time of year when we should simply be enjoying the run up to Christmas, but here goes. A while ago, our friend and ally Richard Morris of Australia submitted, for the THIRD time, a petition to legalize incest in Scotland. His previous two bids were rejected, the second of which without even being looked at properly, I saw a video of it in which it was given less than a minute of attention.

As if such ignorance wasn’t enough, Scotland is now considering changing the rules for petitions which would make it impossible for Richard to submit a fourth petition, and are currently moving to have the current petition closed. Now surely, they cannot be so afraid of what we have to say, that they will attempt to censor what is being said? Surely not?… but YES, that is EXACTLY what is happening. These individuals are so afraid of the weakness of their argument, and the strength of ours, that they would seek to deny us an audience because it offends their sensibilities.

Let me be clear, denying a point of view it’s right to speak simply because you do not like what it has to say is a form of FASCISM. Yes, that’s right, FASCISM. A real democracy would allow ALL views to at the very least be heard, even if they are later rejected. You can guarantee that they wouldn’t be looking at changing the rules if the petition was about hefty parking violation fines or the frequency of refuse collections during the summer months when the flies swarm around bins. The attempt at censorship is purely reactionary, because they are afraid of what we have to say, because it hits them at the core rather than appealing to their cerebral functions alone. The issue is devisive and emotive.  It hits them hard that we are human beings deserving of equality, because we commit the crime of being different. The same in many ways, but still different.

Granted, they may not yet be ready to accept our people fully, but that does not mean that we should be denied an audience. On the contrary, we should be debated and heard. I am confident that there is nothing any person could bring to the table which could invalidate our appeal for full equality. If there is such an argument, I am yet to hear it through these many years of my online travels, and my nearly two years of blogging on the issue. I know the answer, as do you: no such argument actually exists, hence this attempt at censorship. It stinks to high heaven of cowardice and underhandedness if you ask me. Anyone with backbone would tackle the issue at hand dispassionately, they would analyze all sides of an argument, weight up the pros and cons seriously, and then deliver their verdict… but this is not happening. It is not happening because they KNOW what that verdict would have to be, that incest would have to be legalized.

If, like me, you’re appalled at this latest outrageous display of contempt, then you can help Richard and all of us, SIGN THIS PETITION NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN, and show them all, he is not alone. God willing, it will have an impact.

I would like to say directly now to any Scots MPS reading this article: Do not shy away from us, we are not your enemy, we are a part of your society as we are a part of every society. All we ask is to live our lives in peace. We are not threat to you, we are no threat to the family unit, we are simply a small minority seeking equal rights. We fall in love and want to settle down just like the rest of you. You may not understand us, but that can change in time and with dialogue. We’re not asking for special treatment and we are not appealing to political correctness to shield us from criticism (which would be counter productive anyway since no current criticism has gone unanswered), we simply ask for equal and fair treatment. Many people were hesitant at hearing the gay community at first… do you REALLY want to repeat the mistakes of the previous generation? The ball is well and truly in your court, kick it in whatever direction you will, but before you take that shot, consider what I have said today.


One thought on “Underhanded and dirty tricks

  1. Treacherous of some members of the regional government indeed! Our Almighty Divine prevent such treachery from being concluded!


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