The Library

Okay folks, I’ve decided to make a new menu item specifically for books, both fiction and non-fiction about consanguinamory. Some of them will be free, some of won’t be. I want everyone to know that if you’re writing such a book, or even a fanfiction, I don’t mind linking to it or even hosting it here (I can only host the free ones). For clarity, I will put a (P) after the listings if the book is to be paid for, and (F) after the listing if it’s a free work.

If you want your work to appear on this listing, you should e-mail me at and we can arrange it. Please note I do not accept submissions which depict underage characters involved in sexual situations, and while I will allow a story with some explicit scenes, I won’t link to or host PWPs (porn without plot) as it would detract from the purpose of this site. This list will be growing quite soon, as I am currently in the process of writing myself. This is a project for the whole community, anyone can participate, it’s OUR library, lets grow it 🙂


Coming soon

Original Fiction

Consanguinamorous: A Mothers Love by Steplanie Gwladferth (P)

Forbidden: Our Secret Love: The Larson Family Saga, Book 2 by Elise Quinn Larson (P)


Coming soon