Lasting Love

You know, I absolutely love reading real life love stories that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Well today I have one such story for you sent in to me by one of my readers, in response to a set of questions I composed for the purposes of allowing people to share their experiences anonymously. For the sake of clarity, the questions are in bold and the answers are in italics.

Describe what kind of consanguinamorous relationship you’re in, or have been in?
I am involved in a monogamous relationship with my biological son
Describe yourself, approximate age, what kind of person are you? What are your interests and hobbies?
I would say I’m just an average ordinary person. I’m soon to be 68 and look like a typical American woman. I try to keep myself in somewhat good shape. I think I’m a good person and always thought I was a good mother and I still do. I’m mostly a home body. We never really went out a lot and we just enjoy our home. I like too cook, read, watch TV.
How did it start, and what were your thoughts and feelings at the time?
My husband left soon after he was born and we were alone much of the time. He started having feelings for me in his mid teens but never acted on them. Once he graduated high school, I made a comment saying I need to see him as a man now. He took it in a different way and asked me out on a date. He was the perfect gentleman but at the end he kissed me. Not like a mother but like a woman.
We kissed for a second or two but then I pulled back and had to leave.
After I thought about it, I felt terrible I had rejected him so abruptly. I went back and spoke with him and told him it just took me by surprise and I had no idea he had those feelings for me. So I suggested we go on another date and I will be prepared. He said to me know one knows we kissed and no one has to know anything. I thought about his word  a lot.
We went out and ended up making out at the end of the night. That second date I started with the romantic feelings for him. He had felt my breasts and I really enjoyed it. The third date we had another talk and I just wanted to make sure this is what he really wanted and where it was leading and to make sure no one would ever know. After that date I said I’m going into my room and he could come if he wanted and we started our sexual relationship right then
How long have you been together, and what are your plans for the future?
We have been together 27 and a half years. I never thought it could last this long but it did and its for life now
Is your relationship legal where you are?
Yes it is He researched the incest laws in the USA and we moved to Rhode Island where any two consenting adults can have sex regardless of relationship
If you could legally marry, would you?
Yes we have said vows to each other just can’t be legal
What would you like to say to others who disapprove of your relationship, or who want people like yourself to be thrown in jail?
I am not hurting anyone. My son was an adult and we both can choose who and how we want to love. If you don’t agree that’s fine just leave us be
Describe the advantages and disadvantages of consanguinamorous relationships in your experience.
I’m with the man I have loved his whole life. We have love on so many levels. Its the perfect love I call it. I would love to introduce him as my son first then as I my husband but we are not at that point in society yet.
How do you feel about your relationship now?
I am proud of who I am and what I have become. I don’t consider our incest to be a dirty word and I have no issue saying I am an incest mother. I’m with the man I belong with. He just happens to be my son
Before you had this relationship, what were your thoughts and feelings about others who engaged in this type of relationship?
Honestly I was so naive I never really thought it existed. This was before the internet/ Incest always had me picturing a dirty old uncle or something like that
What are your thoughts and feelings about consanguinamory in general now?
Adult and Choice. As long as those 2 are followed I am all for it
What is it like, having to hide the truth from the world, and having to lie to people?
Been doing it so long its second nature now. My son has a good job and we can’t afford it to be known but I don’t deny or hide it when asked.
What would you like say to anyone who discovers a friend or relative in a consanguinamorous relationship?
As long as adult and consenting, its none of your business. Just leave them be
Is there anything else you want to add?
I always tell people to be prepared for what they are getting into. This is not a porno movie. It’s the real world. It is a wonderful loving situation. You feel more like a mother then ever before but it can be very challenging. But always communicate and you will be fine
Well folks, there you have it, the words of a strong and proud consang mother, after an incredible 27 years of love. Congratulations to both of them on the long term success of their relationship 🙂
If YOU would like to anonymously share your story with the world, check out this page for hints and tips, and read the other stories sent in to my website. Any submissions should be e-mailed to me at

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