Just who was the victim here?

Another day, another story of consenting adults being unfairly prosecuted simply for having a sexual relationship. Todays sorry story comes from Eagle Butte, where a man and woman, aged 43 and 25 respectively, have been charged with incest. You can go read the whole thing if you want to, it isn’t long. However, here are the most important parts:

The maximum penalty upon conviction is up to 5 years in custody and/or a $250,000 fine, 3 years of supervised release, and $100 to the Federal Crime Victims Fund.  Restitution may also be ordered.

The Indictment alleges that on November 20, 2016, Daniel Mexican and Santana Mexican knowingly engaged in consensual sex with each other, when they are within the degrees of consanguinity which would render a marriage void.

The first thing you notice here is that they were CONSENTING ADULTS. This was not a case of rape or child molestation, both were well above the age of consent, knew exactly what they were doing and consented to it. Nobody was in any way being harmed by their relationship, so THERE IS NO VICTIM HERE.

But wait, take that back, there IS a victim, the couple themselves. They’re the victims of state harrassment and persecution using the law as a weapon. The a look at the penalties: 5 years in jail, $250,000 fine…etc…. for consensual sex with another adult. How can this be in any way justified? It cannot be. As I have said several times here on my blog, other peoples disgust with incest is not a legitimate reason to impose criminal penalties on consenting adults. The only thing I find disgusting is this incestophobic prosecution!

Peoples lives are being torn apart, and for what? To stop others from doing something others find gross. When you stop to think about it, nobody actually gains anything from these prosecutions. It’s a waste of time and money, and it’s bigotted, irrational and hateful. The law has no business governing the sex lives of consenting adults, and even more than that, it has no business telling consenting adults that they cannot marry either.


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