Happy 1st Birthday Consanguinamory Blog! Now here is the surprise as promised :)

Okay, I’m a few hours early, but hardly able to contain my excitement I am posting now and not at midnight. The 4th January is a big milestone, it celebrates one year of this blog being on the Internet. So rather than just post about how great it is to be a well established and prominent blogger in the consanguinamory community, I thought I’d provide something for everyone to enjoy and make good use of.

As we all know, a lot of people are mistrustful of social media, and often with good reason. Facebook doesn’t like anonymous users, heck it even deactivated my (fake) account a while back and I had to sign up again! Facebook also isn’t quite so freedom of speech oriented, and it may indeed pry. These are all legitimate reasons why many members of our community have felt uncomfortable signing up and contributing to the movement using social media in a meaningful way. If this applies to you, I don’t blame you. I know that before he temporarily left us due to other committments, The Final Manifesto was looking for a Facebook alternative.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a possible solution for us, and investigated further. A new social media site, founded by people who believe in freedom of speech and privacy was created a few months ago. It’s called Minds, and it’s a smaller but rapidly growing social media network. Basically, you can say whatever you want to there, provided that you don’t use the site for illegal purposes (for instance selling drugs and the like). Minds also allows you to be an anonymous user, which means you only need a functioning e-mail address to sign up and it doesn’t ask you for your name, you merely choose a username and a password. I will caution you though that although it’s possible to be anonymous to other users, since we don’t know where the servers are, it would be prudent to use TOR Browser to disguise your IP address and keep yourself doubly safe.

I have been setting up some basics there for us, which so far is My own channel (everyone gets one by signing up), my blog (which I intend to use as a second copy of this blog, in terms of making duplicate postings there of everything I post on this website), and two groups. Consanguinamory Discussion Group is open to the public, it’s purpose is intended for education and outreach, and with it being so public, I would advise new members to speak about consanguinamory in more general terms rather than give personal experiences, so much same as we do in Keiths ISFME group over at Facebook. Friends of Lily on the other hand is a closed group, and you need to subscribe to my channel so I can send you an invitation, this group is just for us and it’s meant to be a social media equivalent of the Kindred Spirits forum where we can discuss our stuff privately.

All this said, I hope to see as many of you as possible on Minds, and like I said, if you want to be added to Friends of Lily, subscribe to my channel and I’ll add you.

Join Minds by clicking this link, and I will earn extra points for being your referrer, this means that those points can be spent boosting my blog material over there and helping to find others, so it’s win-win for everyone!


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