Consanguinamorous Reproduction Study

Well folks, I said I was going to be doing more studies, and this is the next one in what will eventually be a long series. I have chosen to tackle this subject first because it’s one of the first things that our critics go for when objecting to making our relationships legal.

It’s completely anonymous, like the last study, and it is going to run for one year (longer if I have not collected enough data by then). This survey is only for people who have had a child through consanguinamory.

Unlike with the other study, which was just to gain some basic demographics, answers to all questions are required on this one. I realize that some of the questions may seem probing, but they’re necessary to gain a complete picture of pregnancy and reproduction via consanguinamory.

If you wish to take part in this study please CLICK HERE and just follow the instructions in the survey. Thank you in advance for your participation 🙂


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