An open letter to our haters

NOTE: This letter IS NOT addressed to people who believe incest should be illegal due to the increased risk of defects or the fear of child abusers. Many such people in society think these awful things and there is a letter to the general public here which directly address such reasonable concerns.  People generally believe these things because they have been conditioned to do so and haven’t had the chance to hear our side of the story.

This letter is addressed to people whose reactionary incestophobia is extreme and wholly irrational, sometimes disguised as being of a religious or scientific nature, and yet when the veil is lifted it boils down to fear of the different and the unknown. These types are usually also homophobes, transphobes and polyphobes to boot.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you today to address your irrational hatred of our people, and thus your likely behaviour towards us both online and off. In your mind we are immoral, sinners, corrupted and evil, and yet did you ever stop to consider whether any of that is true? Did you ever consider our position? No? Well, keep on reading and do just that.

I’ve heard people just like you come up with all of the following at one time or another:

  • That we’re all pedophiles
  • That we all need executing
  • That we’re in league with the devil or possessed by demons
  • That we’re all retarded
  • That we should win a Darwin Award
  • That we should all be locked up in mental institutions
  • That we should be forcibly sterilized
  • That we probably fuck our pets and farm animals too
  • That we’re all ugly and resorted to incest in desperation
  • That we’re part of some government psy-op or conspiracy
  • That we’re freaks that need segregating from you normal ‘decent’ people
  • That natural disasters are our fault for angering God
  • That we pollute the gene pool simply by existing
  • That we support any and all sexual perversions because we are apparently perverts

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, but this is the sort of thing I’m talking about. I’ve heard EVERY SINGLE ONE of these inane comments online in response to articles about consensual incest. Such ludicrous comments are irrational in response to people who are having relationships with CONSENTING ADULTS. Think about it rationally for one second… you’re thinking these things about people who are in healthy and loving relationships, is that how a rational, reasonable and impartial human being thinks and behaves? Didn’t think so.

You cannot brush us off as mentally ill or retarded so easily either, that’s a cop out and deep down you know it. How many consanguinamorous people have you gotten to know, I mean personally? None? Oh right, okay, well there is a decent sample size from which to draw a legitimate conclusion, NOT. The chances are, you KNOW somebody who is or was involved, whether you realize it or not. If you cannot figure out who that person or people might be, then it stands to reason that consanguinamorous people are NORMAL people just like the rest of the human race.

You also cannot use your religious beliefs to disguise your incestophobia either, religious texts can be interpreted in many different ways and who is to say which interpretation is correct. Also bear in mind that not everyone will share your religious views. How many ‘Christians’ do I see online behaving like complete ass-hats when it comes to this subject? Many many people.

On another similar note, you cannot pretend that the devil is influencing us in some way. I can 100% guarantee you that this isn’t the case. If you’re worried about Satanic influences in the world, then you’re sure as hell looking in the wrong place. My blog is here to help others who are suffering as a result of incestophobia, and to educate the public about us.Last time I checked, educating people and helping people are both considered good things generally.

Furthermore you can’t invoke Darwin either, incest is legal in many countries and so far it hasn’t lead to some kind of biological disaster. The way some of you go on, you’d think that there would be an explosion of incest happening if it was made legal, but that isn’t what is observed in nations where it is already legal. Furthermore, incest occurs naturally in animal populations, but we do not see species dying out because of it. Knowing these facts, isn’t it ridiculous to be invoking Darwin in such debates?

Also, why the hell would you think we’re a psy-op? We’re NORMAL people living NORMAL lives and we DON’T work for the government. Don’t you think we would get arrested? Think about it. I’m not saying that conspiracies and psy-ops don’t happen, I believe that they do, but if you’re looking for one here, you’re in the wrong place.

Also, would you people STOP comparing us to pedophiles and people who rape animals. Have you any idea how offensive and irrational that is? What part of CONSENTING ADULTS do you people not understand? Children and animals cannot give consent, and lifelong harm is done to children who are sexually abused. On the issue of locking up child abusers, WE AGREE WITH YOU, 100%. So quit comparing us to predatory monsters and use the common sense God gave you, assuming you possess such a thing.

As you can see, your torrent of insanity is easily debunkable, sometimes it’s even as amusing as it is stupid, and at other times it is downright inflammatory and offensive. How can consenting adults be so terrible that you would want us dead? Next time you see an article about consensual incest, PLEASE THINK before you apply your fingers to the keyboard and show a little human decency and compassion. If you don’t like us, that’s fine, we don’t expect everyones approval, but advocating our murder and saying irrational and reactionary shit about us isn’t the way forwards, actually doing such things exposes you for what you are, a bigoted incestophobic hater.

Thanks for your time,

Jane Doe


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