Like the Phoenix, it rises again, thanks to Stefan, who e-mailed me the link to this new forum provider. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been looking for ages, and then somebody else just finds us one… a nice and very welcome surprise. The only downside is that the forum is in French, but that’s better than nothing. I checked out the TOS and used an online translation program and it simply says that there should be no porn, links to porn, no spam/hacks…etc, and no discussions of anything underage…. all of this fits our requirements perfectly. There is a clause against any ‘objectionable content’ so there is a small chance we may be TOSed, but hopefully by keeping it clean that won’t happen, that seemed to be mostly aimed at people creating hate sites with racist content and stuff. We won’t be doing that so I can’t see there will be too much of an issue.

In any case… join, introduce yourself and enjoy your stay… KINDRED SPIRITS IS BACK IN BUSINESS!




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