A former escort now with her brother

Ladies and gentlemen, here I present the story of a woman who wishes to remain anonymous. I’ll let her tell you all:

Jane: Describe what kind of consanguinamorous relationship you’re in, or have been in? (for example, is it a closed or open relationship, which family member are you involved with, is it a heterosexual or homosexual relationship…etc?)

Anon: I am in a monogamous heterosexual relationship with my younger brother.

Jane: Describe yourself, approximate age, what kind of person are you? What are your interests and hobbies?

Anon: I am a bisexual female. I am in my mid thirties. I was an escort and I’ve since changed careers, I now work as a part time office administrator for a charity along with being a landlady. I am intense, passionate, intelligent, fiercely independent and free spirited. My hobbies include reading, swimming and sailing. I have no children.

Jane: How did it start, and what were your thoughts and feelings at the time?

Anon: It started when he got out of the army. I had left home at sixteen and hadn’t seen him for over a decade. We reconnected and he needed a place to stay. I had a spare room so it made a lot of sense for him to move in. I was pretty excited about having my little brother back, little brother soon became younger brother. The short, chubby, awkward little boy was gone replaced by a tall, muscular, confident man. Straight from the off there was certainly some physical attraction.

A few months in and he experienced some mental health issues relating to his service which I helped him through. We became very intimate and close during this period, something that was unusual for me. I was used to having sex for money and giving just enough emotion to fake a girlfriend experience. This was flipped on its head, no sex and complete emotional support.

By Christmas of that year things were going great between us and in a moment of drunken euphoria I tried to have sex with him. It didn’t go well. I felt ashamed of what I’d done and got very panicky thinking I’d sexually assaulted him. His reaction didn’t help, he did that man thing where they retreat to the “cave” and don’t speak. The next day after he had processed what had happened we talked about how we felt and what we wanted and he put me at ease by confessing he also desired to be with me sexually. It was such a relief to hear and we tried again under much better and sober circumstances.

Jane: How long have you been together, and what are your plans for the future?

Anon: We have been together seven years. We currently have no concrete but we do want to start our own family someday, that day just never quite comes for us.

Jane: Is your relationship legal where you are?

Anon: Our relationship is illegal where we live.

Jane: If you could legally marry, would you?

Anon: I don’t think we would. I would certainly want some form of ceremony where we could be public about our love and relationship without fear of reprisals. Marriage isn’t for me.

Jane: What would you like to say to others who disapprove of your relationship, or who want people like yourself to be thrown in jail?

Anon: I would tell them to mind their own business and jail isn’t going to stop anything.

Jane: Describe the advantages and disadvantages of consanguinamorous relationships in your experience.

Anon: There’s that already established foundation of love, trust and respect. You can easily and safely build on that then take your relationship with each other to new heights.

The disadvantage is the secrecy. Not being able to be completely open about who you are with your friends.

Jane: How do you feel about your relationship now?

Anon: It’s the most fulfilling relationship I’ve ever experienced. Of course we’ve had our fights but I wouldn’t change it for anything else. Prince Billionaire Model could drop from the Heaven’s, ask for my hand in marriage and I’d still turn him down as I’ve better at home.

Jane: Before you had this relationship, what were your thoughts and feelings about others who engaged in this type of relationship?

Anon: I had that stereotypical view that it was something that deviants and perverts did. It didn’t help that some prospective clients would want to roleplay father/daughter or brother/sister scenarios with me. It just made everything seem seedy and reinforced the idea that incest was purely about sex.

Jane: What are your thoughts and feelings about consanguinamory in general now?

Anon: Now having experienced the romantic side of incest I have changed my opinion. When every aspect is there, the familial love, the romantic love, the sexual intimacy, it is a very positive experience. I wish more people could openly experience it. It’s a special and unique feeling.

Jane: What is it like, having to hide the truth from the world, and having to lie to people?

Anon: For me it was just a continuation of being an escort. I was used to telling lies, keeping secrets and having little half truths. It didn’t make it any less stressful. Having to keep on top of the lies, censoring what language I used so I never messed up in front of anyone. I wish I could tell my friends, they are very open minded people, but you can never be certain of how open when it comes to incest.

Jane: What would you like say to anyone who discovers a friend or relative in a consanguinamorous relationship?

Anon: Keep an open mind and respect their autonomy. If you must speak to them be mature about it and try to see things from their perspective. Above else do not start gossiping.

Jane: Is there anything else you want to add?

Anon: Just keep going with the blog Jane and everyone else who is out there in the community a big thank you for trying to change things for the better.

There you have it folks, an intelligent and happy lady who is in love with her younger brother. If this couple was caught out they would both get thrown in jail, and for NO GOOD REASON. It’s time that society changed it’s attitude and let people like this couple have their relationships in peace, without fear of persecution, prosecution or harassment.

If you would like to tell your story, please e-mail me at janedoeofks@protonmail.com your anonymity is assured.


5 thoughts on “A former escort now with her brother

  1. what a lovely story. it’s beyond ridiculous that this couple would be thrown in jail just because they fell in love with each other. i want very badly this type of relationship with my own sister but regardless i wish them nothing but the best.


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