Why consanguinamory is an orientation

In light of many of the recent articles on the internet, I’ve noticed that some people are saying that it is legitimate to deny us our equal rights because ‘incest isn’t an orientation whereas homosexuality is’, to sum up their consensus. Of course, they’ve jumped to conclusions which are as usual inaccurate and based on ignorance of the facts. Time to set the record straight.

I’ve been in and out of incest communities online for my whole adult life, and I have over decades worth of observational experience from speaking to others, in addition to my own personal experience… so I know what I’m talking about. Over those years I have noticed some common threads amongst quite a sizeable number of consanguinamorous people. I will list those here:

  1. Many of the people who have had experiences of consanguinamory were against incest until they themselves fell in love with a relative.
  2. Many people grew up knowing that something was ‘different’, but didn’t know exactly what until it happened, and then it all fell into place and made sense.
  3. Many people report that regular relationships pale by comparison and feel empty and unfulfilling.

If you doubt that this is evidence that consanguinamory is an orientation, let’s compare this to evidence for an accepted and known orientation, homosexuality.

  1. Some gay people were against homosexuality until they fell in love with a member of the same sex, especially in cultures where homosexuality was criminalized.
  2. Most homosexuals realize that they are different at some point during their adolescence.
  3. Homosexuals cannot feel fulfilled in straight relationships.

What about polyamory… let’s check that one out too.

  1. Some poly people were against polyamory until they fell in love with more than one person, especially in cultures where people are expected to be monogamous.
  2. Some of them realize during adolescence that they are different.
  3. They cannot feel fulfilled by pretending to be monogamous.

Anyone spot the pattern here? You’d have to be blind not to. The most logical conclusion from this evidence would be that ALL THREE are orientations, this is hard-wiring that we cannot control and that we do not ask for. Knowing how much trouble, including legal trouble that consanguinamory can cause, why would anyone actively make the choice to be consanguinamorous? Nobody would, people do not invite persecution into their lives willingly (unless they are masochists, but that is a whole other topic entirely).

What I am promoting here is an understanding that I think everyone should have, that not all people are wired up the same, and that if you happen to be consanguinamorous, that’s okay. You have absolutely nothing to feel ashamed of and there is nothing wrong with you.

Whether something is an orientation or not ultimately should not matter with regards to it’s legality, the persecution of consenting adults would be equally abhorrent even if none of the above were orientations. I just thought that the misinformation out there about us ought to be challenged, and that includes the misunderstanding about consanguinamory as an orientation.