Why cheating to experience consanguinamory isn’t a good idea

I’ve recently expanded my horizons into reddit, and there is a subreddit for incest relationships. Obviously I joined the website and have started having discussions with the people there. However there did seem to be a common, but disturbing theme… some people, mostly fetishists were encouraging people to cheat on their husbands and wives in order to enter a sexual relationship with whichever family member they had become enamored with, or expecting that family member to cheat on their spouse.

Now, I for one don’t like cheating, it’s immoral, it is breaking a vow made to another person. If everyone were to take such ill thought out advice, can you imagine the hurt and the upset of the spoused concerned? Consanguinamory is difficult enough for most people to understand, but when cheating is thrown into the mix it can be even harder. Those spouses are likely to wonder where it went wrong, and what the family members can give to their partners that they cannot. Of course, there IS one thing that incest offers that normal relationships don’t and that is double love… but that is besides the point! The point is that cheating is wrong.

One must ALWAYS end one relationships before beginning another if monogamy was the agreement. If you want more than one partner at any one time it is best to date a person with similar values, perhaps an open relationship or a poly lifestyle would be more suited to such persons. This is the reason why it is important to say what you want out of a relationship before entering one, honesty from the start.

Of course, it can sometimes happen that somebody is happily married for a long time, and later they fall in love with their family member. I sympathize with those people, I really do, but I cannot and will not condone cheating, it is wrong. If somebody is really serious about wanting their family member, and they are already married, would it not be more fair and honest to divorce their existing spouse before pursuing that family member? Most people who are playing away behind their partners back probably have some serious issues in the marriage anyway, and if they no longer love their husband or wife, then they have a duty to their spouse to say so and do something about it, either fix the marriage and forget the family member, or get a divorce. Living a lie is not fun, it’s not cool, and people can and do get found out this way. If you’re cheating with a family member, the wronged spouse is quite likely to call the police, a situation that helps nobody and amplifies everyones pain. People cannot always have the best of both worlds and sometimes it really does pay to do the right thing.

It’s pretty sad really I have to write an article like this, but it’s down to some people giving bullshit advice and others being tempted to follow it. My advice: Don’t do it, simple.