What’s it like?

Some of my readers may know very little about the subject of consanguinamory, some may be a little more aware but unsure of whether or not this type of relationship is right for them. Others, of course, are well versed in the subject, and while this article may be of interest to them, it is intended for people in the first two categories. This article is about what consanguinamorous relationships are really like, and what kind of lifestyle results from it. Here I speak both from my own personal experience, and from reading the experiences of countless others over the last fourteen years. I know enough to give you some valuable information.

These relationships are unlike any other, they are very intense, and very deep. When these relationships start, it is often like a rush of emotions, and being unable to get the other person out of your mind, the love is overwhelming. The normal family relationship takes on an additional dimension of romantic love, and those two roles, although different, blend in to become what some have termed ‘double love’. At the outset there is the obvious passion that you would expect to find in any new relationship, and yet the people involved already know each other so well, all about each other as a matter of fact, if it’s consanguinamory in it’s non-GSA form. It is the most complete form of love that we can ever experience, and for us other relationships pale by comparison. For many of us, ‘normal’ relationships don’t feel quite right because the family aspect is missing, and therefore they cannot offer what we need on an emotional level. These relationships are extremely loving, happy and we find that within them, we are complete. As the relationships become more settled, the double love only gets stronger, and you appreciate each other more and more all the time. That’s the positive.

There is, on the other hand the hatred that we face from society. We’re branded as perverts and we must in most places live lives of secrecy. For some this can be too much to bear. It’s horrible to know that society rejects what you are when it cannot even begin to comprehend this overwhelming double love you feel. It means hiding the truth from everyone else you both know in order to remain safe. That in itself is a monumental task, and it can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, so much so that it can cause consanguinamorous couples to experience depression, and can even be a cause of relationship breakdown, as happened for me a few years ago. That’s what drives me now, telling the truth about our people to get the word out into the public sphere.

Many consanguinamorous people experience guilt and shame at some point or another. I address this in my article ‘living without shame‘ and it is important to read that article if this applies to you.

In short, our love is one of unparalleled beauty and depth, but it is also mired with inner conflict and hostility from the outside world. We shouldn’t have to deal with such hate, but unfortunately that’s the sad reality of the world in which we must live. It drives apart loving couples, and makes for a life of always looking over ones shoulder to make sure you don’t get found out. I’m not here to sugar coat it for you because I believe in honesty, it is not easy to live in such an environment. Yet at the same time this love is so worth it, it’s worth the lies you mus tell, and the secrecy required, because once experienced nothing could compare. All one has to do is to realize truly that there is nothing wrong with you, you’re beautiful just as you are. You do not deserve the condemnation, and you should not internalize it, the hate of the outside world should never become your self-hate. Love yourself for what you are, consanguinamorous.

If you’re considering entering into one of these relationships, don’t do so lightly, make sure that you’re sure that you can both live with the consequences, good and bad. Are you prepared for a life of lying to others that you may be close to, and of secrecy? Most people aren’t at the outset, but this is a conversation that all consanguinamorous couples need to have in order to ensure their safety and security.