What will it take?

What will it take for the world to change, for people to truly recognise us as equal human beings? How many more must suffer the injustice of having their family units ripped apart by a cold and inhumane system all because of who they love? How many more lynchmobs will attack or even kill innocent couples around the world? How many more will take their own lives because they cannot bear the shame they’re forced to endure? How many more chidren will be forced to bear a stigma associated with their parentage, told that they should never have existed in the first place? How many people will avoid seeking the medical or psychological help they need out of fear of being discovered? How many more will be incarcerated and abused simply because they hold a love that dare not speak it’s name?

We as a community suffer so much injustice, so much hate, and yet we endure, we do the best we can to protect ourselves by wrapping ourselves in a veil of secrecy. We are amazing, strong and beautiful people. We should be a beacon of shining light in the world, for the fire of our double-love can never be extinguished no matter how much water is thrown upon us.

We have sat back and watched LGBT people come forth and claim their birthright to be who they truly are, to have their love celebrated and recognized as it should be. Guess what folks, it’s OUR TURN now. How many more must suffer before enough of us answer to call to serve and defend our people? The world needs to relieved of it’s ignorance and fear, we need to show our true inner beauty to the world. What could possibly be more beautiful than two people literally being EVERYTHING to each other, friends, family, lovers and soulmates? Consanguinamory is the most beautiful, intense, powerful, deep and pure kind of love imaginable. It is the exact opposite of what the world believes about us.

All we’re asking for is the right to be treated the same as everyone else, the right not to be persecuted by the state or anyone else. Those of us on the frontlines are asking for all those who dare not ask, speaking out for the minority we belong to, whose voice is currently much too quiet. What will it take for that quiet voice that’s barely a whisper in the world to become the loud roar in needs to be to get the attention and respect it deserves? Yes, there is always risk involved in activism, but the cause is bigger than any of us, and you know what, the double-love we experience, that is what makes it all worthwhile. Not a single one of us should have to live in fear, and we will not rest until the cause of our enduring silence is removed: the unjust laws.

Yet there is something else I feel I must say: You cannot change the world while you still fear it. You cannot changed a closed mind if you’re worried about what that mind is thinking about you. Other peoples problems with us are not our problems, they’re their problems. A simple shift in perspective and all becomes clear. We’ve traditionally been a timid minority, but this is changing, as it must. We do not simply bow down to unfair and damaging laws and customs and obey them, and we’re under no moral obligation to do so, and doing so is actually keeping the injustice in place. Remember, it’s our time to shine.