We are NOT powerless

The way things are in society, the veil secrecy we must live under, the court cases we see happening, the way our people seem to be attacked from almost every angle… all of these things make it appear that we’re a weak and defenceless minority and that we’re powerless to do anything about it. It’s easy to see why so many people think and feel this way, but it’s also just not true. Our apparent powerlessness is nothing more than an illusion based upon and sustained by fear.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would never recommend we en-masse come out to the public, not in the current climate anyway. However there are many things that people can do, and in fact should be doing to advance our cause:

  • Sharing links to our articles
  • Directing people from other sites (like Reddit and places like that if you suspect somebody is for real and not a fetishist) to our blogs and KS forums. If you do so, do it using the PM function otherwise the admins of those sites might consider it spam.
  • Sharing your story with others, Keith and I both do interviews.
  • Writing guest articles, I accept guest articles on my site.
  • Making youtube videos and sharing those that already exist.
  • Participate in debates and discussions online
  • Participate in media interviews anonymously when this is possible
  • Signing petitions, or perhaps even making them.
  • Making your own blog.
  • Networking with the existing activists in our cause and working as part of the team.
  • Helping people who are facing the courts.

Doing any of these things will help tremendously, more than you could imagine right now. I had no idea how much my contribution was needed until I started this journey, but now that I am up and running and seeing the positive effect my work is having on people, that’s its own reward.

Anything you do that makes another person stop and have a good rethink about their attitude has done it’s job. Any petition you sign, article you post, debate you enter, or other work you might do are all small contributions to making change happen.

With all this in mind, there is never NOTHING you can do, there is always something, even if just a little bit. Right now the movement is small, with a few people doing their bit in the background and helping out, and an even smaller number in the foreground as prominent bloggers. All in all there is currently only a tiny handful of us, however we need the support and the participation of larger numbers of people to make change as straightforward and as expedient as humanly possible.

Getting the law changed is only the beginning, we need to change the hearts and minds of the masses, and that means we must work as a large functional team. Do not look to people such as myself, Keith and Cristina and think you could never possibly do what we do, or that your work wouldn’t measure up… that’s nonsense. There is nothing special about us except that we chose to take action. When i started blogging I knew full well that I was covering topics that had already been covered by the other blogs, but you know what, it didn’t matter, because I was doing it from my angle. You would not be bound to ‘toe the party line’, but to add your own unique human perspective to a complex, sensitive and at times personal subject. So, if you want to start your own blog and network with us, I can help you with wordpress, it’s not difficult once you know what you’re doing.

You hold more power in your hands than you realize, it’s a fact. Many people are fearful of participation because of snooping legislation and the like, but we must learn to look past such fears if we are to succeed, and remove the source of that fear. Going on this journey myself has taught me one important lesson: that we can’t just sit back and wait for somebody else to do it. If everyone took the attitude of waiting for others to do the work then we would wait forever! Just like the basket of laundry, it won’t do itself. Change is not easy, I won’t lie, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort by a lot of people, but it can be done, and I believe in our community.

What I am asking you for is participation, a portion of your free time to tell the world all that you know needs to be said. I shout from the rooftops with my blog, I am consang and damn proud of it, and I want you to be too. But there needs to be more blogs, more activity and networking going on. We need MORE. As a community we deserve more, but it can only happen when more people do more. We are NOT powerless, we have just got used to giving our power away to fear. Please don’t do that, be the resistance and join us. Your people need YOU.

If you’re interested in helping out in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me on janedoeofks@protonmail.com