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UPDATE: My friend, TheFinalManifesto, has pointed out to me that people who are not members of wordpress aren’t able to leave comments or otherwise contact me. I wasn’t aware of that, being new to blogging, and so I will leave you with my e-mail address so that anyone who wishes to contact me may do so:

Kindred spirits forum – please read the site rules before joining, also remember that a community works best when people contribute to it, so don’t be shy about posting 🙂

UPDATE, Kindred Spirits above has been inactive for some time, new forums HERE

Full Marriage Equality is another blog about consanguinamory, it has several relevant essays and stories and it’s an outstanding source of information.

The Final Manifesto is also another blog about consanguinamory, it too has many essays and stories to share, it too is a great place to get information.

Lilys Gardner is a new blog about consanguinamory by a friend of mine, visit her website regularly for updates.

Musings of Consanguineous love is a blog by another one of my friends. She’s just got started and it is about her personal experience of consanguinamory through GSA.

A blog on consanguinamory is another blog, this one from a friend at Kindred Spirits.

Brothers in Love is a  blog in support of consanguinamory from a new member of our community.

Starcrossed is blog supporting consanguinamory. Again from a new member of the community.

Consanguinamorous Rainbow is a new website made by LoveisLove from KS with the aim to giving advice to consanguinamorous people.

Friends of Lily is a section on Diane Rinella’s webpage. She is an author who has written fictional consanguinamarous romance novels. It contains more links to different websites and articles regarding consanguinamory.

Consanguinamory page at outrtaboomuseum has plenty of good resources, including an interview and discussion with Diane Rinella, the ‘video support links’ part contains information pertaining to the risks of birth defect risks for consanguinamorous couples.

Oh, and there is even a facebook page called I Support Full Marriage Equality, I’ve recently been made an admin there, so if you need a place to talk in real time with others either about consanguinamory, polyamory, homosexuality or anything like that then this is a good place. I must say here that it is NOT for sharing, linking to, or soliciting pornographic material from others. It’s a proper support group dedicated to bringing equal rights to all consenting adults.

I will be adding more links as I become aware of them.

Oh, and just to let everyone know, I have a tumblr, a twitter, and a pinterest account too, where I repost my articles.

Consanguinamory Wiki – STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I began this page but didn’t continue it due to lack of time. Thankfully, LoveisLove has added many pages and have taken on this unfinished project. So my thanks to him.