TUMBLR 4th Feb 2014

We’ve had… considerable internet discussion over this, and like I said I would I’ve thought a lot about it… I think the problems I see with [consanguinamory] are essentially the same I see with any relationship. There are chances of abuse. I think the risk [from] stigmatizing sex and love is higher than the risk [from] de-stigmatizing it and bringing the same shit to light and facing it head on.


This was sent to me by my awesome follower, after a discussion we had in response to Full Marriage Equality’s post. I want this to give people hope. There are open minded, persuadable people out there. One day, we might be able to change things, but for now, know that not everyone hates you compulsively.

The best thing you can do is be happy and healthy role models, out to your trustworthy friends and family, and encourage them to vocally defend your rights in the face of bigotry. The law may prevent you from publicly fighting for your own rights, but your friends and family might be able to do so on your behalf. And who knows? When they talk, someone new might listen.

If anyone needs to talk to me, I’m here, whether for advice, or just a sympathetic ear. I assume all non-anonymous or otherwise revealing questions are private, and will not post them without permission. As far as I’m concerned, this is a safe space.








So i recently downloaded a poker game on our ps3. There was only two reasons to do so. 1) being a playstation plus member it was free, and 2) sis and i are going to use it to play strip poker. Deck of cards? Fuck that hand me a…

Lol we still have a working atari here in the house, and an 8 bit system that plays original nintendo games, a nintendo 64, just got rid of the wii, probably gonna get sis a wii u soon, the 360, and the ps3, they are scattered in different rooms but the ps3 is in our room and doubles as the dvd player lol.

we respectfully request photos of SIS loosing the poker ( no pun ) game

Lol everytime we play something like this i end up loosing so we shall see.

Y’all’s marriage (let’s be honest, it’s a marriage) is an example for even the non-consanguineous. I have to wonder how many couples married for 7 years are still looking forward to getting home from work and playing strip poker with each other.



I was recently informed that I am the reasons one of my friends is so open minded about “homosexuals”…
They “grew up in the church” and had “never met “one” before” me..

That moment when you realize you’re the gay friend in the statement “I’m not a homophobe! I have gay friends!!”

I’m not sure whether to “like” this. It’s humorously symptomatic of our culture, but it’s also sad to learn that one of your friends sees you as a token.



Or so says someone by the name of Ropafadzo Mapimhidze writing at newsday.co.zw about thecruel treatment (including criminal conviction) recently of a couple of consenting adults in Zimbabwe, prosecuted for loving each other while being first cousins. You know, like hundred of millions of…

Even if you can’t bring yourself to accept consanguinamory, at least accept that the “incest” taboo hurts children. Real children. In this case and in this other case, after the state took the children’s parents from them, the communities and extended families ostracized the children, leaving them to live or die on their own. How can people be so horrible? Because the taboo is irrational, and they irrationally pass on that taboo even to those that are completely blameless. The “incest” taboo is blind, and it is hateful. There was no coercion or abuse in either of these cases; abuse is bad enough, don’t make it worse.