TUMBLR 28th Jan 2014


The more books we have like this, the better, so please consider responding. Here is the request…

My name is Richard Gilmore. I am a member of a MFFM quad. We have been in this configuration for over 13 years. My partner Elon and I have written a book called, Creating A Line Family. Our…

A book like this really needs to get made. I’m all for it. If anyone can help out, go for it!


Asker anonymous asks:
Hello! I would like to start talking about sex with my younger sister, in a non-creepy way and without freaking her out. How would you do that? We had never talked each other about our sex lives. We are pretty close though! We both are in our very early twenties. Awesome blog btw!
thefinalmanifesto said:


Try by inviting her out for a movie and some drinks at your place or take her out on a date. Playfully flirt with her and see how she reacts. If she doesn’t respond then I would suggest you leave it as is and not try to advance further because that could destroy your relationship with her.
If she responds try asking her for sexual advice. Get pretty forward with your questions but be as respectful as you can so you dont freak her out by talking about it.
Keep at the flirting and talking more openly about sex until you feel you can take another step towards bringing her into it. This can take time depending on how open minded she is.
But please STOP if you feel she is uncomfortable, she doesn’t respond to your flirtation or you get nothing but resistance. I cant stress that enough! It will ruin your relationship with her and having a sexual relationship isn’t worth destroying 20+ years of a close relationship.

Ahhhhhh, I love you two so much! This advice is perfect! I think people forget that last fact, even in non-familial relationships. People can’t always get what they want, and pursuing anything blindly can destroy a lot of other great things. The perfect shouldn’t be the enemy of the good. That being said, life isn’t worth living without taking risks. I think if people always pursued their desires in good faith, with respect for the needs of others, then everyone would be much better off.



This is completely baffling and horrifying. It’s awful to see a country as huge as Russia, a country that is ahead of most others on consanguinamory, have made it illegal to be publicly queer. LGBT couples now have fewer rights than even the consanguinamorous. Watch this five-part series by VICE. It’s not pleasant, but it’s important to see that, worse than just the state, the whole of Russian society is regressing into bigotry. I hope you consanguineous couples out there can empathize for these people and the brutal society-wide repression they’re going through. No-one deserves to be tortured to death for the crime of being who they are and being in love. Who knows, this may even presage the eventual imposition of new laws on consanguinamory. If the arc of history bends towards justice, then it’s one mighty crooked bend.

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