Trolls and Fakers, Questions and Answers.

Sadly, there have been a spate of individuals recently who have trolled people on mine and my friend Keiths friends list over at facebook. To prevent this from occurring again we have blocked those accounts AND made our friends list private to all but the top level activists in the community. It’s rather sad that we’ve had to do this, but it has been necessary to protect the privacy of the people on those lists.

Now, that’s all well and good, but this article is to tell you some information about trolls in general, it will enable you to spot them and give you some tips on how to deal with them. I’m also covering those trolls who use fake ‘incest stories’ in order to try and make us believe that they’re one of us. I have many years experience of dealing with these types within discussion forums about incest going back to ’02.

What is a troll?

A troll is an individual who disrupts the normal functioning of an online social group.

What kind of things do trolls do to cause disruption?

Many many things, and some trolls can be very creative in their methods. He or she may do any of the following:

  1. Sign up with multiple accounts and pretend to be several people
  2. Become argumentative or abusive for no good reason and very little provocation
  3. Pretend to be one of us when they are clearly not
  4. Flood a forum or social space with spam or other unwanted messages
  5. Perform witch hunts
  6. Tell outrageous lies
  7. Send unsolicited PMs or friend requests to multiple people on the basis that they might be a member of our minority.
  8. Asking multiple people for details about their personal life out of the blue, especially if this is a newcomer.

This isn’t an exclusive list by any means, but these are the most common methods employed for the purposes of disruption and causing upset and worry.

Why do people troll?

Generally, trolls are attention junkies. It doesn’t matter if the attention is positive or negative, as long as it generates a lot of conversation. Taking about the troll within earshot/eyeshot of the troll is usually considered attention as much as direct communication with him or her.

Others may revenge troll after having a heated argument and bombard a person or group with abuse.

If I encounter a troll, what should I do?

Completely ignore him or her. On facebook this is easy, you can block the person. On a forum setting do not respond to any of the trolls postings, PMs or conversations about the troll, as this will encourage further activity. Instead PM one of us admins and let us know if there is a possible problem. We will then take any appropriate action, which could include IP level banning repeat offenders to prevent them from returning to cause further disruption.

What is a faker?

Somebody who blatantly pretends to be in an incestuous relationship, but clearly isn’t.

I’ve seen somebody post some weird shit, I don’t even know if this could be real. How can I tell if something is real or fake?

Generally, the fake incest stories are easy to spot to the trained eye. If a story is fake, it will usually contain some of the following elements:

  1. Everyone has sex with everyone else.
  2. How they got together sounds like an ill thought out porn script, such as stealing underwear, spying on family members getting changed, family members walking in on each other masturbating…etc. As we all know, no relationship starts like this, incestuous or otherwise.
  3. The troll tells one person one thing and another person another thing…. or makes one post and then another which contradicts the original post. Details like the ages of the participants or who is related to who in what way may be variable.
  4. The focus is on the sex, not the relationship
  5. The person is behaving in a way which is highly abnormal, such as openly declaring that he or she is in an incest relationship on a public place like their facebook profile page while using a real sounding name, or an actual real name. We remain hidden with good reason, nobody for real would actually do this.
  6. Some aspects of the relationship sound iffy and unlikely. We know what is normal for us, if it sounds abnormal, it is probably fake, especially if there are other indications of fakery.
  7. They respond with extreme anger and abuse if anyone accuses them of being fake, and may use any sock puppets to back up their claims of being for real.

Again, these are just some of the general indicators, there are many many more variations on the theme but you get the idea. If it sounds fake to you, then it probably is.

Why would somebody fake it?

Usually this is done by people with an incest fetish who wonder what it might be like and then they let their imagination run wild. Of course, their lurid imaginings which are mostly inspired by the tirade of incest porn, are nothing like the reality of actually being in an incestuous relationship, which is why their stories are so inaccurate most of the time.

Most of the time I’d wager that they actually believe that their imagination has concocted a believable story, and that they get off by trying to fool everybody. Some of them may even be fascinated by us, but won’t admit to not having experience and so they invent some. Quite sad really.

How should I respond to a faker?

In exactly the same way as to a general troll, ignore him or her and report it to the admins. People like this get very bored if nobody is willing to talk, and thus they go elsewhere where there are richer pickings to be had. Again, if this occurs on social media, it’s best just to block the person and then you won’t have to see or worry about it any more.

Conclusion: It’s best to avoid contact with trolls and fakers, they aren’t worth your time and energy and it only encourages further trolling.

My message to any would-be trolls: Don’t bother, we’ve seen it all before and we will ban you.