Three phases to full equality

At this very early stage of the consanguinamory rights movement, the focus is going to be on the decriminalization of incest and our very strong arguments for that. It will likely be that way for a number of years due to the amount of ignorance and prejudice that must first be overcome. That said, even when decriminalization has been realized and we no longer have to hide from the law, there will still be much work left to do. What I am going to talk about in this article, is the long term goals of our movement, and what it will mean for us as a community.

Phase one: Decriminalization

This is the first goal that we must work towards on our path to full equality. Currently, people are being put on trial and imprisoned in a large number of countries all because of who they love. This is an injustice, it is inhumane, it is wrong, and it must stop. Society gains absolutely nothing by treating us in this degrading manner, and far from negating the harm it believes to be there (which doesn’t exist when we’re talking about incest between consenting adults), the actions of the state are causing a great deal of harm to the couples themselves, and their families. Prejudice harms, always.

Nobody likes to live in fear that the police are going to come and that the law is going to wreck ones life for absolutely no good reason. Our community is quite fed up with being treated in such a manner and now we’re doing something about it.

The goal of decriminalization will be reached with enough people getting involved in the activism, and doing the following kinds of activities:

  1. Setting up websites and showing the world what consensual incest and GSA is really all about. Basically getting the facts out there and explaining how and why our relationships are just as valid as anyone else’s.
  2. Getting the word out there on widely used platforms such as youtube.
  3. Speaking to journalists on an anonymous basis.
  4. Publicizing appeals for people who are in legal trouble
  5. Tackling bigots with a hefty dose of common sense.
  6. Writing and sending letters to prominent politicians.
  7. Working and networking with existing activists.
  8. Finding lawyers willing to represent consanguinamorous couples.
  9. Working and networking with human rights advocate groups and seeing which ones may support our cause.

Could YOU be one to help our cause with any of these activities?

Phase two: Removing discrimination

Once incest becomes legal, there will still be a lot of work to be done. There will still be a lot of people opposed to it and people will still be discriminated against in other ways. Here are a few examples of what we’re likely to face:

  1. Bullying and harassment at work, even being fired
  2. Some lines of employment may not be open to you as an openly consang person
  3. Hate mail and/or cyber bullying.
  4. Being assaulted because of your sexuality
  5. Friends and family shunning you if you come out
  6. People trying to wreck your relationship

It will be tough, but know that this is nothing that LGBT people did not encounter when their sexuality was decriminalized. We can and we will get through this in the following ways:

  1.  Let people get to know us as regular people, so we become PEOPLE to them, not ‘that weird incest couple over there’.
  2. Appeal to politicians to extend the law against discrimination to include our protection too.
  3. Show bigots up for what they are, give them enough rope and let them hang themselves on the stupidity and ignorance of their own words.
  4. EDUCATE THE PUBLIC: This includes doing seminars, organizing mass meets, pride marches… etc
  5. Setting up a consanguinamory centre in every city to give advice and support to local couples who might be struggling with these issues.

Phase Three: Full Equality and marriage rights

Once most of the opposition and prejudice has been tackled by educating the public, we will be in a much stronger position to demand full equality and all the rights that come with that. Our wish list is the following:

  1. The right to enter into a legally binding marriage with the exact same rights as regular and gay marriages. This is very important because of inheritance laws and it meaning state recognition of the validity of our relationships.
  2. Assaults and bulling against us for our sexuality should be covered by hate crime laws in exactly the same way as homophobic or racist attacks are currently viewed.
  3. Equal employment rights, preventing companies from dismissing us or refusing to hire us solely because of our sexuality
  4. Genetic counselling to be made available to all consanguinamorous couples who are considering the possibility of having genetic children.
  5. Other options such as adoption being made available to consanguinamorous couples who cannot, or do not wish to have genetic children

These final goals will be achieved by continuing to bring these issues into the public sphere and working to get politicians to talk about it and thus take the actions that we require from them.

My thoughts

We should not and cannot rest until the third goal has been achieved. We are one people spread over the globe, united by the challenges we face. We cannot sit back and be the victims of discrimination forever, I for one am not going to allow that to happen. We can either cower in a corner terrified of the law, or we can stand united and show the world who we truly are and demand our rights. Yes, we must protect ourselves online and off for now… but we should not hide forever. Once we have secured decriminalization, we can and we should them become more bold in our quest for the full equality we deserve.

In such a world of full equality, nobody will have to feel ashamed of who they are or fear being ‘outed’. People could marry who they love and not be discriminated against in the workplace. Hate crimes against us would be taken seriously by the police service, and children born of consanguine couples would no longer have to face the horrendous stigma that they currently do.

Would YOU like to live in that world? I do, and that is why I am determined to help make that happen for everyone. If you feel as I do, then it is your duty to help your people in whatever capacity you are able to do so. I appeal to you as a fellow human being to get involved and help this movement. One thing is for sure, bad things will continue to happen to our people if good people continue to sit back and do nothing.