The mutant babies referenced again, this time in an animal cruelty case

Ok folks, this time we’ve got a case of inbred dogs who were suffering disabilities, but, let’s just tap into the article and analzye what’s been said:

A couple has been charged with animal cruelty after officials say they found 23 inbred dogs and puppies living in the family’s trash-strewn home on Winterton Road.

If there is trash everywhere, I doubt that the place is suitable for habitation by either human beings or animals. As sad as this is, it’s hardly surprising any more: animal charities rescue cats and dogs from filthy conditions all the time.

Chaboty said the cruelty charges relate to failure to provide necessary medical care to three dogs: Lady, a six-month-old female, determined to have a fractured pelvis; Bubba, a 6-month-old male with a severe ear infection; and a two-week-old male puppy with severe deformities and clear signs of malnutrition.

If the puppies were malnourished, then so were the bitches that carried them. At two weeks of age these puppies would have been dependant on mothers milk, if she was malnourished then it’s no surprise that her milk supply was not keeping up with the demand. Such malnutrition while they were in utero would have very likely contributed to skeletal abnormalities and fragility. While this could explain why one of those puppies had a fractured pelvis, such an injury could also have been caused by deliberate animal abuse, at this point we cannot rule it out.

Animal Control Officer Joanne Gerow said four of the puppies had to be euthanized due to the severity of their limb deformities and the likelihood of future severe medical issues.

Of course, this was the right thing to do because it prevented further unnecessary suffering, however I do not think we can blame these deformities on the inbreeding, it may or may not have been a contributing factor. But the fact that the dogs were malnourished and living in filthy conditions would have certainly had a bearing on the health of these pups, including their bone development. If they weren’t getting enough nutrition, then surely that would include the calcium needed for bone development.

“The vet is confident the deformities are due to the inbreeding,” Gerow said.

Like I said, it’s possible if the dogs were genetically unhealthy to start with, but the writer of this article COMPLETELY IGNORES the other factors which could contribute to abnormalities. Just like with people, animals born in a world of hunger and squalor fail to thrive and suffer a lot of medical problems, this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The couple had started out with a male dog and a female dog, which were not neutered or spayed, officials said. The dogs bred, and some of their puppies eventually bred.

While it’s bad practice not to have your animals doctored if you’re not intending to breed them and/or are unwilling to care properly for a nursing bitch and her puppies, the fact that these dogs inbred at all should show anybody that incest exists in the animal kingdom, thus should be the final nail in the coffin for the idea that ‘it’s not natural’.

Building inspector Mary Grass issued violations against Nakdimen, citing an infestation of flies in the kitchen/dining room ceiling light, more than 30 bags worth of trash piled on and under the rear deck, and the unfinished basement converted to living/sleeping space without proper permits.

The couple’s children were allowed to stay in the home, as were two cats in satisfactory condition, officials said.

The conditions were THAT BAD and yet they allowed the CHILDREN to stay there? So, let me get this right: the conditions were too bad for the dogs, but okay for the kids? That makes no sense. Especially when you consider that the children of consanguinamorous couples, even when they’re kept in a clean, tidy, well fed, supporting and nurturing environment are routinely removed by social services. This only serves to prove that social services seem to care more about enforcing the letter of the law than actually advocating for and protecting the rights of children. Let’s just hope in this case that the children were better cared for than those poor dogs!

As a side note, I should mention that in the earliest days of getting a new pedigree of cat or dog established, breeders use both inbreeding and outbreeding to establish the desired traits in the offspring while ensuring enough genetic diversity to give the new pedigree a viable gene pool. The inbred generations in this process most often DO NOT suffer from deformities or disabilities, if they did, no new breeds could ever be established. The traits which the animal breeders are trying to get established are usually genetic mutations which first arose in just one animal, so without the inbreeding in the first few generations, it would not be possible to establish a whole new pedigree starting from a single animal with a random but desirable genetic mutation.