The horrific seven costs of incestophobia

As with many wrongful attitudes that are widely held and backed up by oppressive legislation, incestophobia has some very serious costs to us as a community, and to society at large. Some of these costs are possible to calculate, others not so, but they are costs borne all the same. This article exists to highlight these costs, and it should make any reasonable person seriously question their attitudes towards our people.

The first cost is financial. The state spends money conducting investigations, putting people on trial, and even sending them to prison…. all because of who they fell in love with. Think about the staggering amount of money spent convicting just ONE person of incest. That money pays for the police wages, forensic scientists, lawyers, judges, and not to mention the cost of locking a person up for multiple years. When you really stop and think about it, it is INSANE to spend so much persecuting somebody who has done nothing actually wrong, they’ve just defied social convention.

In a sane and free society, it should be safe to be different, even (perhaps even especially) when that difference is something that others find particularly difficult to understand. The money spent persecuting incestuous people would be far better spent tracking down real criminals, people who leave behind victims… if they want to focus on sex crimes, start with pedophilia, there are plenty of child molesters about and the money should go to protecting the next generation from these godawful predators.

The second cost is a lifetime of poverty. With an incest conviction, how are we to find employment with being labelled as criminals and sex offenders? The majority of employers would NOT be willing to take on somebody with ANY conviction, much less a ‘sex offender’, because they will not differentiate between consensual adult incest and somebody that rapes children, too many people believe that incest means child abuse… when it really does not.

As a result of these negative labels, people lose their homes with no real prospect of replacing them. Some people end up homeless and living on the streets. Others who are more fortunate get into social housing and must then live off state benefits when they could and should be able to support themselves were these labels not in place… another financial cost to the state.

The third cost is loss of friends and family. Many people with such convictions find their friends and family will want nothing to do with them, shunning them and casting them out of their social circles. After all, who wants to be seen speaking to a sex offender? The withdrawal of such a vital support network in life can tip some people over the edge, leading to serious mental health problems, alcohol abuse, and in extreme cases even suicide. Remember, all of this is simply because they fell in love and had a relationship with a family member. How can such a penalty be justified? It can’t be. So if you’re reading this and have consanguinamorous relatives, please pick up the phone and speak to them, and let them know that they are loved and valued.

The fourth cost is risk of assault, harassment and intimidation. After being labelled as a sex offender, consanguinamorous couples sometimes face harassment and intimidation from their communities. They are not only ostracised, but are actively hounded, sometimes by nuisance calls, menacing or threatening hate mail…etc. Some are even assaulted by members of the public, and sometimes those assaults are serious, especially when a lynch mob is involved.

How the hell can ANYONE justify this? This is immoral, and it has to stop.

The fifth cost is borne by children. Children are routinely removed from the care of consanguinamorous parents, in a misguided attempt to protect them. Some assume the worst and believe that incestuous people are going to abuse their kids, but this is far from true. Pedophiles abuse children, sometimes their own children, but if somebody is not a pedophile then they will do no such thing.

There is also the assumption by some that children raised by incestuous parents will turn out that way themselves. Really? Like how being raised by gay and lesbian couples causes kids to be gay? Honestly, think about it. Just as most children raised by homosexuals turn out to be heterosexual, most children raised by consanguinamorous couples will turn out to be regulars and will have zero interest in incestuous relationships because they will develop the Westermarck Effect like most other people do.

Now imagine for a moment that you are a young child, you’ve just been removed from your loving parents and told that you need protection from them. You’re told that your parents are perverts and criminals, and you’re suddenly sent to live with total strangers. What kind of damage is that going to do to a child who comes from a loving home and was well cared for? Furthermore, if that child was the product of incest, what is is going to do to him or her to be told that he or she should never have been born? This is forcing the child to take on a great and wholly unnecessary stigma that he or she will carry for the rest of their lives. Is that right and fair? Obviously not, but this is what happens in the world today, and it should stop immediately.

The sixth cost is to people in abusive consanguine relationships. It’s not nice to talk about, but domestic violence can and does happen in all types of relationships, and it can occasionally occur in incestuous ones too. In regular relationships, if somebody is being beaten by their spouse, they can seek help and protection from the police and later bring the abuser to justice. With incest however, it is very different… the victim CANNOT go to the police without revealing the illegal relationship, and so the victim suffers in silence. So in this instance, the cost of incestophobia is actually helping abuse to remain hidden.

Even when abuse is not physical, how can somebody have a chat to friends or other family members about it when even being in the relationship at all is illegal and considered immoral? They CAN’T.

The seventh cost is to the conscience of society. Society loves to think of itself as ‘tolerant’ and ‘accepting’,  while all the time hunting us down, treating us as the worst kind of criminals, jailing us, and ostracising us. Yet we have done absolutely NOTHING to deserve such treatment and we would very much like to be integrated into society as another minority group. When society realizes how badly they have misjudged our people, and how unfairly they have treated us, it is they who will bow their heads in the shame of what they have done. Just as we are ashamed of how previous generations treated homosexuals, the children of the future will look back at our society with similar disgust at how we have been treated.


Considering all of the points I have made above, how could anyone say that these horrific costs are justified. Incestophobia leaves destroyed lives in it’s wake, it harms not only consanguinamorous people, but society as well. It harms the children of such couples and tears apart families. It breaks apart healthy and functional loving couples while ensuring that abuse remains hidden. Nothing good ever came from prejudice against a harmless group of people, what good did it do to oppress homosexuality? None. What good comes from oppressing us? None. These harms are committed by a society that does not just reject consanguinamorous sex, but fundamentally rejects WHO WE ARE… because it does not yet understand it. This is the reason why websites such as this one are of vital importance, to get the information out and to stop this from continuing to happen to people. The sooner these outrageous laws are repealed, the better. We need better, we DESERVE better. We ask to be treated as equal human beings, for our love to be respected and acknowledged. We ask for the dignity that is our very birthright. Nothing less will do.