The harm caused by persecution

Most of my readers will by now be well aware of the recent case in which a mother and son couple were arrested on incest charges two days ago. Yesterday they were remanded in custody for breaking a ‘no contact’ rule on their conditions of release. Today, the Clovis News Journal, that has been covering the story has released another article which basically agrees with our position that these people should not be in the dock, even though the author of the article and the majority of it’s readers will undoubtedly be uncomfortable with incest.

Whatever objections one might have here — from morality to the physical and psychological health of everyone connected to this family — there is an overriding concern that government does not belong in the bedroom of consenting adults.

My point exactly, the government definitely DOESN’T need to be in the bedroom of consenting adults.

Reeb said last week she did not yet have enough information to determine how she might proceed with the case. She is right to seek as much information as possible concerning both suspects’ mental capacity; and social services should be looking into how their behavior might be impacting minor children close to the situation

I find this troubling for a couple of reasons. Firstly, questioning their mental capacity? There is the subtle implication here that incestuous people are somehow stupid, or at least less intelligent than average people. Really? Well, of the hundreds I’ve exchanged communications with over the years, I don’t see any evidence whatsoever that intelligence has any bearing on incest. I’ve had an incestuous relationship, and I’m not thick, if I was I couldn’t have made this blog! I’ve known some very bright people who were involved, and a few less intelligent ones too, just as you would expect to find with any group of people. There just isn’t a correlation between the two.

My other main concern is that she believes that social services should be involved to see how the suspects behavior might be impacting on the children. Why should social services keep an eye on them? Where exactly is the evidence that Monica and Calebs relationship is going to in any way negatively impact the kids. In times gone by, people used to think that gay people raising children would make the children somehow mentally damaged … and they were dead wrong. Suggesting that the children will be damaged by being raised by parents in an incestuous relationship is equally wrong, shortsighted and foolish. If the relationship is loving and healthy, and the children are well cared for (and we haven’t heard any evidence to the contrary) then those children will thrive in the home and will grow up to be normal functional members of society.

I would like to ask how damaging it will be for these kids to be torn apart from a loving mother and big brother/stepdad, broken apart and sent to separate foster homes? It’s unfortunately a likely possibility, and things like that do have a detrimental impact on childrens wellbeing. Care about the kids?… STOP PERSECUTING THEIR PARENTS!

But former eastern New Mexico prosecutor-turned-civil-rights attorney Len Walker best sums up our feelings:

“I used to tell young prosecutors, ‘Just because you can prosecute someone doesn’t mean you should,’” he told us.

I wholeheartedly agree.

“It doesn’t matter that you can pick a crime out of the criminal code. There are 10,000 ways to commit every one of those crimes. In this case, my immediate concern would be, ‘Do these people fully comprehend what they’re doing?’”

Well if they don’t comprehend then they would need it explaining to them, not having the book thrown at them. If they do comprehend then they’ve obviously made an informed choice that is best for them and they STILL shouldn’t be persecuted over that choice, no matter how unconventional or offensive to other people.

Jeff Blackburn, also a civil rights attorney from Amarillo, said it’s understandable that, as a society, we wring our hands in this situation and say, “We’ve got to do something.”

Ever wondered WHY people react that way? Couldn’t be because of ignorance and fear by any chance? People, we must get the message out there that we’re not freaks and perverts to stop people reacting like that. It’s really sad and unnecessary.

“But,” said Blackburn, “we go to the most drastic choice first? All that does is put people in jail. We can’t use the criminal courts as social engineering. It doesn’t work.

Not only does it not work, it’s also inhumane and based on the assumption that incest is something that shouldn’t happen and should be stamped out in other ways. Really? Is it so incomprehensible to people that some people are very happy in these relationships and that they CAN be loving and functional?

“This is just two people making really lousy choices.”

Lousy is in the eye of the beholder. What’s lousy for one person is highly preferable to somebody else. There are many things in the world that are lousy, discrimination for instance… but incest isn’t one of them.

Court records suggest the situation has reached a boiling point within the family, which is how police became involved.

A criminal complaint filed Feb. 25 shows police responded to a public affray near the suspects’ home. That domestic dispute was spurred by family members’ concerns that Peterson and Mares were having sexual relations.

My heart really goes out to this couple… their own family landed them in the shit with the law. I can only imagine what they’re going through, it’s so upsetting.

Records show the mother and son had not been living together until after Peterson became an adult. However their relationship has evolved since then is unquestionably complicated … and probably none of our concern

No probably about it, it should be none of anyones concern. Also, she didn’t raise him, it’s a case of genetic sexual attraction. Even if she had raised him, it is still none of anyones business. Caleb is a 19 year old grown man, just as capable of making up his mind about Monica as he would have been with any other woman.

Physical assaults are matters for the police and they were right to investigate the domestic disturbance. Children, Youth and Families Department officials may need to be involved as well.

Well then, let’s prosecute people who throw punches, not consenting adults for having sexual relationships which fall outside the prescribed ‘norms’ of society.

But the court has no business peering into the bedroom doors of consenting adults.

Amen to that. Jeez, you’d think that everyone would be able to reach such a rational conclusion. I won’t stop blogging until our people are free from this kind of persecution.