The Consanguinamory Study RELAUNCH

To everyone who has participated in the consanguinamory study, I will say thank you. Unfortunately there was only eleven responses in over two months, and I was hoping for a lot more. I believe that what might have been putting off a lot of participants was the fact that they had to e-mail the results to me, as well as write their responses by hand (well, keyboard). So, I’ve decided to make it much easier and quicker for people to participate in the study. You don’t have to contact me, sign up for anything, ore even provide your e-mail. It’s anonymous, it’s fast and it’s convenient for everyone (especially me because I no longer have to be counting all the results… the system will do it for me).

Below you’ll see a link, it contains the original questions and a few more. My apologies to those who have already submitted answers to me, but they will need to be done again this way… it won’t take you anywhere near as long this time I assure you.