The amazing parallels between the Consanguinamory rights movement and the LGBT movement.

This is a topic I’ve been meaning to write about for a little while, and now I finally decided to get around to it. As we all know, as recently ago in history as the 1950s, homosexuality was illegal, people found to be having gay sex were arrested, put on trial, convicted and imprisoned. Society told gay people that they were perverts, sick, mentally ill, disgusting, and sinners against God. Wait a moment, this tirade of pure nonsense sounds awfully familiar doesn’t it… OH OF COURSE, these are the very same things that consanguinamorous people have to deal with RIGHT NOW. Fortunately for gay people, they no longer have to put up with this crap in a large number of countries, and in many they have the legal right to marry if they choose. My message for us all today is that if the LGBT community could change hearts and minds, and change the world for the better for themselves, THEN SO CAN WE!

Lets take a look at some of the most frequent statements said of gay people in the 1950s:

  • That’s not natural
  • That’s disgusting and gross
  • That’s immoral
  • That’s a sin
  • Children brought up around that will end up perverted too or mentally damaged
  • Legalizing that would lead to pedophilia being legal
  • Isn’t that some sort of code word for child molesting?
  • That’s a hazard to health
  • People who do things like that are mentally ill
  • Why the hell would anyone want to do that?

A pretty horrible and ignorant list you’d say, and you’re right of course. If you were presented with this list, would you be able to tell whether or not it was a list of what they said then about gays, or what they currently say about consanguinamory? I doubt anyone could.

So, both their movement and ours start from the same starting block. In many countries the LGBT movement has already crossed the finish line in the race for equality. We however have barely got off the starting block. While this may seem most unfair it gives us a special advantage, we can learn from the LGBT movement and their struggle for their rights. We also have one rather large advantage that they didn’t have back then… the Internet.

The first stage of any great movement is gathering the community together. Back in the 50s and 60s, gay people began to hang out together and actively seek each other. This is important for two main reasons. Firstly, it gave them a sense of solidarity and community, very important as a basis for any civil rights movement. Secondly, it gave those who were struggling to come to terms with their sexuality a means to feel more normal, an alternative to internalizing societal hate. When the confusion subsides it leads, very understandably, to anger. This special kind of anger is the one that can be channeled very positively into making others understand that they are WRONG about that group of people and should not be hating on them.

As you can tell, the consanguinamorous people are at the very earliest stages of our movement, we too are beginning to hang our together, albeit online. Some of us, like myself and those I link to, are speaking out and putting information out there for others to read. Of course this will help people to feel more normal, and it will lead to that special anger that causes people to become active themselves and be a part of making that difference. I can honestly say that this is such an important thing, to be what we are without shame or fear, and show the world what we are. Take pride in our identity as consanguinamorous people, and love yourself for who and what you are. You have no reason to feel ashamed any more!

Of course, gay people had to debunk the list above, and we must do the same. We must show in our writings how invalid do not count as reasonable grounds to keep something illegal. After all, take for instance ‘it’s immoral’… that’s not true anyway because for something to be immoral it would necessarily have to cause harm, but even if it was that isn’t a good reason to ban it by law. Cheating is immoral but some people do it anyway and there isn’t any laws against it! This is just one small example, and I cover these debunked arguments much more thoroughly in other essays so I do not need to repeat it all here.

Aside from that, we mustn’t be afraid to show our humanity. Many people respond much more readily to easily accessible and engaging human beings rather than aloof logical postings. Show your emotions when you write if you choose to become  a part of the movement, it goes a long way. I’m not saying necessarily tug at heartstrings, just be yourself and let your readers get to know what sort of person you are in a more general way. That way they will see you as a human being, rather than just an unknown entity with the ‘incest’ label with all the bad connotations that brings. Being seen as people is the goal because PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS, where labels do not.

Of course, over a period of time, the online activism will lead to offline activism. One day our people will take to the street with banners and slogans just as the LGBT movement did before us. We will spread the message far and wide, and our allies can help us out even more at this crucial stage. There will be debates on TV and radio, there will be newspaper articles and books being written. Ultimately, the result for us will be very favorable indeed, we will be accepted and appreciated. Our love will be celebrated at last.

Even when our sexuality is legalized, there will still be one final thing to fight for… the rights of marriage. We should not rest until the very first consanguinamorous couples walk out of the registers office with a certificate of marriage.