Shutting the borders leads to incest… apparently

Okay, this has to be one of the most unintentionally amusing stories I’ve covered, thanks in no small part to the lunatic ravings of the silly old fart who serves as the finance minister of Germany. The sheer stupidity of his statement is both breathtaking and mind boggling, leaving the reader scratching their head in amazement and wondering how anyone could conjure up such an outrageous statement. But then, maybe it was an overload of stupid.

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble told a German newspaper this week that closing Germany’s borders would lead to incest. Wait, what?

“Isolation is what would ruin us – it would lead us into incest,” the finance minister told Die Zeit, doing a good imitation of a doomsday preacher.

So, let me get this straight… according to this moron, if a country were to shut it’s borders to mass immigration, it would lead to incest. Huh? How does that even compute, at all?

Okay, lets take a deep breath and take a step back here. If you aren’t attracted to a family member when the borders are open, logic would say that you aren’t going to become attracted to them as soon as the borders close. Incest only happens when the Westermarck effect is absent or very weak.

The borders open approach has only happened for the last few decades in the European Union anyway. By his bizarre logic, it would imply that all those people who lived during WW2 and all of history prior to that would have been secretly having affairs with family members. It would also mean that people would prefer to have relations with foreigners if available… again, not necessarily. While interracial relationships can and do happen, they are not a requirement for incest avoidance, the Westermarck effect does that for most people. Most people, whether the borders are open or shut, will have relationships with people outside their family and within their own cultural or racial identity. This isn’t xenophobia, it’s fact.

I’m not bothering to cover the rest of the article as it is about politics and therefore irrelevant to this blog. In conclusion, this laughable claim has more to do with political posturing than any form of sensible political debate. If he was trying to persuade people that it’s best to keep the borders open… wow, this is EPIC FAIL.