Pedophiles who claim to be ‘incestuous’… but they’re so not.

I’m writing this today after a particularly bile inducing piece of trash tried to join Kindred today, basically he was canvassing to see if any women were available who wanted to start an ‘incest family’. Other members informed him that our website wasn’t for that sort of thing (namely having children for the expressed purposes of having sex with them at some future time, because that is grooming and it is wrong) and that the admins wouldn’t let him onto the forums… he persisted and began hurling abuse at two of the regulars for being ‘closed minded’ (what a joke, as the two people concerned are in consanguinamorous relationships and by definition they are open minded). I was the first admin on scene, and of course I banned him and deleted his account.

Thankfully, this sort of sicko showing up is an extremely rare occurrence at Kindred because it is made abundantly clear at the outset that this sort of thing is not tolerated. But on other much less wholesome incest sites which feature pornography, it is a frequent and pervasive problem. I’ve seen entire forums destroyed by these monsters before now, and to make it worse, on some incest porn sites, some of the admins shockingly turn a blind eye to their activities.

Pedophiles who molest children, or are intent on molesting children know full well that those activities seriously harm the children and can mentally scar them for life, so much so that they are never able to become sexually intimate with anyone when they are grown up. Sometimes children are physically scarred too by being raped either vaginally or anally, an adult penis or another object is not meant to go into a childs body… plain and simple children are NOT in any way shape or form ready for sex. They do not have sexual feelings and they cannot get sexually aroused, and they are too immature to comprehend the feelings behind an adult sexual relationship. So why when children are both physically and mentally unable to reciprocate would a pedophile persist… simple answer is that they don’t care. These monsters view children as sexual objects, not as immature and still forming human beings who will some day grow up to become functional adults. Those who choose to molest (and yes, it is a choice, anyone can abstain from any sexual act if they choose to do so) clearly do not give a rats arse about the welfare of their victims.

Pedophiles know full well that their sexual preference causes serious and lifelong harm when acted upon, and I respect those who choose NOT to act upon it. However, those who do choose to act upon these urges also know that society will never and should never accept pedophilia as normal. The pedophile then has to choose between either accepting that they cannot act upon their urges, or pretending to be something that they are not by trying to attach themselves to a legitimate form of sexuality in the hopes of getting child molesting legalized.

Back in the early days of the gay rights movement, many pedophiles claimed to be ‘gay’ in the hopes that the legalization of homosexuality would also legalize sex with children. They even formed a disgusting group called the North American Man Boy Love Association, which sadly still exists. Of course it didn’t work, people are far smarter than the pedophiles realized, and while homosexuality between consenting adults became legal, child molesting did not.

Rather than learning their lesson, the pedophiles thought to try again. This time many of them are claiming that their interest is ‘incest’. They are right now trolling the incest porn sites looking to hook up with women to use as breeding sows to produce children for them to sexually abuse at some later time. The frightening part is, some women are also pedophiles, and if two of these monsters collide then the children are going to be sexually abused for sure. These pedophiles use the words ‘incest family’ as a code word… to indicate their true intentions.

Thing is, they have no real interest in incest (which is consensual sex between adult family members), they are looking to sire other human beings with the sole interest of using them as sex objects. I for one pray for their infertility. They realize that access to ones own children is easier than access to their neighbors children, and that their own kids are less likely to report such abuse than other peoples kids. These people are NOT incestuous, they’re pedophiles. If you want to see how an incestuous/consanguinamorous person thinks and feels then please feel free to read the entire contents of this website, because I am one and I wrote every word here except for some of the comments and the e-mails I have reposted.

The pedophiles claim to ‘incest’ is also politically motivated. They’re hoping to piggyback onto us and for their sexuality to be legalized. We must do as the gay movement did before us, call them on their bullshit and point out that incest is NOT pedophilia. This is also part of the reason that many people within the community prefer to use the word ‘consanguinamory’ as opposed to ‘incest’ because people confuse incest with monsters like the guy who tried to join Kindred today, whereas consanguinamory cannot be interpreted as anything other than ‘romantic love of family’ consenting adults by definition.

Active pedophiles are a huge problem wherever they go, and they destroy lives in teir wake. I do not want any part of our community to become associated, no matter how loosely, with monsters like this. It is painful and upsetting to me that the mainstream make such a link when it doesn’t exist except in the minds of the media and the pedophiles themselves. Our community hates child abusers as much as any other community, and I will not tolerate a single one of them to put one toe onto our spaces for as long as I live. That is a promise I make now publicly to consanguinamorous people everywhere. I’m here for the long fight, and sometimes that means repelling pedophiles as well as raising awareness for our plight. I really wish that they weren’t a problem, but they are and their shit needs addressing for the protection of children first and for the benefit of our community second.