Objective and subjective views on sexual morality

Given that incest is often said to be immoral for a variety of reasons ranging from the debunked mutant baby argument to the religious bigotry we have so recently played witness to, it is about time we injected some common sense on where exactly do we stand on sexual morality. That way there can be no confusion.

Firstly, there is a difference between having an objective view of morality and a subjective view. The latter is a view that is right for that particular person, for instance, if I was to say that blue is a nicer color than green, that would be my personal OPINION. It would be right for me to decorate my home in blue tones, but not necessarily right for others to do the same thing if they disagree with my subjective opinion. Objectively, there is no real difference between selecting any color, therefore all options are equally valid.

So, what the hell does this have to do with sexuality? Well, everything. Truth is, incest would feel wrong to most people, they inherently avoid it because they find it icky. Therefore, if it feels wrong to them, it is wrong for them. Pretty simple subjective reasoning. However, their finding it ‘icky’ as a subjective argument is a very poor reason to deny us our equal rights… it’s like me trying to tell others that they must decorate their homes blue and that green, yellow, orange, red, black…etc is not allowed. See how stupid that is? Yet this is exactly what the majority tries to do to sexual minorities, it wipes out real diversity by criminalizing it. At the moment, only two ‘colors’ of sexuality are permitted and given permission to marry, monogamous heterosexuality, and monogamous homosexuality, provided nobody is related of course.

So how do we tackle such ridiculous discrimination in an objective manner? Well, we have to ask two simple questions to determine whether any given sexual practice ought be allowed or not. First: Does it hurt anyone? Second: Is everyone consenting adults?

In the case of incest between consenting adults, nobody is hurt, therefore there is no valid objective reason for its illegality. It might offend somebody’s sensibilities, but that is very different from causing harm. Given the fact that all other attempts at constructing objective arguments against us have failed miserably, I would argue for the immediate legalization of incest in all countries that profess to believe in freedom of choice and self-determination, anything less than this is clearly hypocritical. The fact that such draconian legislation was put on the books in the first place is bad enough, the fact that it remains there and is actually enforced is a gross miscarriage of justice and a waste of state resources that could better be spent tracking down dangerous criminals that leave behind victims. Share this article if you agree.