Now we need the cousins on board, oh, and Non-GSA people should be more active in our community and liberation too!

For the last few years we’ve had a unity between the GSA and Non-GSA parts of the community, this has been extremely important progress for us as a community and we are always going to be stronger in this unified position. That said, there is one more group of people we need to help bring onboard, and that is cousin couples.

The cousins themselves oftentimes do not wish to associate themselves with ‘incest people’, and yet they often face the same persecution in some parts of the world as we do. Around half of the US states ban cousin marriage and some even prosecute cousin couples under the incest laws… and the other half of the US states will marry first cousins. Doesn’t that just go to show how arbitrary it all is, that they could go to jail in one state and become a married couple in another.

So in some places, cousins is legally defined as incest, and in other places it’s not. I would like to let any cousins reading my blog know that they’re welcome in our community, and that if you’re suffering persecution, your battle is also our battle, against ignorance and fear.

If people sit down and think about it rationally, if two people who are first cousins who grew up together and attended the same school and stuff end up in a relationship, how exactly is that different from two people who are siblings doing the same? It isn’t. These cousins would be firmly in the non-GSA category, and then there are cousins who barely knew each other until adulthood, who would be considered GSA cousins.

So I would like to appeal to cousins in this posting to come forward and become a part of our community, because the prejudice against you is the same as you suffer, except we get it nearly everywhere. We understand your struggles and challenges because we share them.

It’s also been my observation that most of the activity within the community has come from people who are in GSA relationships. Now, I know you’re out there non-GSA people, but where are you? I’m one of you, and just look at everything I’ve accomplished in just six months. You might well be scared of going online and seeking others, you might be struggling with this aspect of your identity…. please, you do not have to be alone with this any more our community is there for you. You’re not bad or broken, you’re just a bit different and I’ve been there feeling uncertain and feeling like a freak. If you come to us and be a part of our community you will learn how normal you are, and you can accept yourself at last just as I did. Nobody here is going to judge.

We need ALL parts of the community to work together harmoniously and to participate in our liberation by fighting to rid the world of this outrageous legislation against our love. Whoever you are, and wherever you are, even if you cannot do any of the online activism stuff, you can still sign up for Kindred Spirits or the I Support Full Marriage Equality facebook group and become a part of our growing community. In this hostile world we need each others support.