Not letting regressives win

Sadly, in more recent times there has been a wave of the regressive type of right-wing rhetoric, some of which has been rather anti-LGBT, and by extension, even more anti consanguinamory. While I can and do understand completely why the political right are doing so well at the moment and the left so poorly, as they deserve to due to the amount of corruption and outright hypocrisy within their ranks, I also believe that an overall swing to the right does not, and should not mean social regression and the removal of peoples rights. One need not be a leftist to be supporting of the rights of the individual.

Actually, quite a number of right-wing/conservative arguments can be made for supporting the rights of LGBT people, and by extension OUR RIGHTS TOO:

  1. Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right originally conjured up by libertarian type conservatives.
  2. Persecuting any consenting adults is a total waste of the courts time and taxpayers money. As part of a reduction of public spending, needless prosecutions could be abolished, thus making more money and prison spaces available to prosecute and imprison people who commit violent crimes.
  3. People know what is best for themselves, they need not have the state in the ‘parent’ role telling them what they’re allowed to do and punishing non-compliance. Nanny statism is something that the left can be pretty good at sometimes, and it is best avoided.
  4. You do not have to agree with somebodys life choices to agree with their rights to pursue said choices, just as you can permit freedom of speech without agreeing with everything other people have to say. To put it bluntly, if it does not affect you and is not harming another person, then it is none of your business.
  5. You can permit something without protecting it from criticism. Nobody here is advocating for political correctness around the issues of alternative love, actually society as a whole benefits from such open discussion as opposition drops away naturally as education around the issues increases. We are not expecting everyone to like us or approve of us, but we do expect our rights.
  6. Freedom of religion does not mean freedom to enforce your interpretation of religion onto others. It means the freedom to worship as you see fit, and the freedom of others to do the same. If you believe that somebody elses lifestyle is not inkeeping with your faith, that is fine, but you must accept that others have a different interpretation of the faith, a different faith, or may have no faith at all. All of this should be respected. If you’re a freedom loving conservative, then it is hypocritical for you to use your faith as a battering ram to deny others their equal rights.

So you see, you do not have to be of the left to support our rights, nor do you have to be consang, or LGBT, or anything else. You simply need to be a person who believes in freedom of expression, which most conservatives claim to believe in. The left often accuse the right of being socially regressive. Well, this is the time to prove them wrong, isn’t it.