You are not alone

So, you’ve found your way to this website, which means that you’re either consanguinamorous yourself, or you know or suspect that somebody else is. I know firsthand that dealing with these issues alone can be daunting, not knowing how to view yourself or even what category to put yourself in. You may have wondered, how many others are there? Am I the only one? You may have even thought of yourself as some kind of freak or pervert for having these feelings.

I have news for you, you’re not on your own any more. This website is one of a small network of websites dedicated to connecting consanguinamorous people to each other, and to demonstrate that we are not freaks or perverts, but ordinary people living otherwise ordinary lives.

Nobody can say for certain how many of us there really are because of the secretive nature of these relationships, but I can say that these relationships occur more often than anyone realizes, and that it happens everywhere, regardless of race, religion or culture.

Almost every culture on Earth forces our people to feel shame where there need not be, and in most places persecution and prosecution are the norm. By raising public awareness with websites such as these, the community hope to dispel the myths and reach out to those willing to accept us for who and what we are. Eventually this will lead to a cultural shift towards one of tolerance, and eventually to equal rights as a natural conclusion. Much of the hate is based on misinformation and misperception, and so the goal must be education.

I am hoping that you find the information on this website useful, and that you choose to join the community. As I said earlier, you are not alone any more.