More myths about consanguinamory

This is a follow on from the last essay I posted, because since I wrote that I have thought of a few more myths to add to the list.

MYTH EIGHT: Women would not want incest

There is a great deal of silly ideas held by the public, but some of the silliest are actually gender stereotypes.In terms of sexuality, it is generally considered to be the case that men have more diverse and unusual sexual interests, and that women want the traditional setup. People extrapolate from this basic assumption that anything as ‘far out’ as incest is something that women do not want. While it seems like a logical conclusion for an unthinking brain, it’s also pretty untrue.

Case in point: Myself, a consanguinamorous woman who is pro-incest enough to create a whole blog about it for the world to see. I think I pretty much dispel this myth just by existing 🙂

To be honest, I have spoken to many other people online, both at Kindred Spirits and over Facebook. There are a heck of a lot of women in both places who are consanguinamorous.

MYTH NINE: People can’t consent to incest

Actually, yes they can. If somebody is old enough to consent to sex, then they are old enough to consent to it with a family member. To say otherwise makes no logical sense now, does it? People consent to incest the same way that they consent to any other form of sex.

People always invoke the ‘parent/offpring has too much power differential’ argument while failing to address the fact that other types of relationships also have power differentials. In fact I wrote an entire essay on this very subject for those interested in a more thorough debunking of this myth.

MYTH TEN: Incestuous people want to sleep with their whole family

Says who? Actually, they don’t. Just like with other types of relationship, mutual attraction has to be there or else nothing can happen. If you’re exsanguinamorous and heterosexual… do you want to sleep with every unrelated member of the opposite sex you see? Of course not, that would be a stupid suggestion. The idea that we want to sleep with everyone in our family is equally ridiculous.

MYTH ELEVEN: Incest always leads to emotional damage

No, it doesn’t, not when there is a loving relationship in which two people are very happy. How can having a happy loving relationship lead to emotional damage? Let’s see… nope, it really can’t. I am surprised really that arguments like this even get invoked they are so easily debunked.

The only emotional damage that gets done to consanguinamorous people is by society labeling them as sick disgusting perverts and then treating them as criminals. Living under such oppression leads to depression for some people. It is society that causes us the emotional damage, not the relationships. How would anyone feel under such circumstances?

MYTH TWELVE: Incest is when people molest their children

This myth is one of the most upsetting to me, equating our beautiful double-love bond with predatory pedophilia is sickening and disgusting to us. Consanguinamory is sex between ADULT family members, not adults and related children. There is a bloody big difference between the two.

Some pedophiles claim to be incestuous, but that’s the same as a pedophile priest who rapes his alter boys claiming to be homosexual. I wrote an article pretty recently about pedophiles making this outrageous claim, I suggest to anyone believing this myth should read it.


Well there you have it, even more reasons that the nay-sayers are wrong, because their preconceptions are wrong.