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Consensual Incest series:

Part One: Introduction

Part Two, Bad arguments against incest

Part Three, A persecuted People

Part Four. If you discover us

Part Five, You’ll never be alone again

Part Six, Imagine being one of us

Part Seven, Consanguinamorous and proud

Part Eight, Nature and Nurture

The Consanguinamory Presentation


Other Videos:

Incest, the last taboo? – A 45 minute long documentary about GSA

Consanguinamory Discussion – One and a half hour discussion about consanguinamory, interview with author Diane Rinella, author of the Forbidden Flower series.

Dayton shares a message with the world – Dayton Chavez, the ex of Monica Mares, shares his thoughts with everyone on youtube

Should Incest be legalized? – A fantastic youtube video made by a regular demonstrating the exact same arguments that our community has been making.

The surprising truth about cousins and marriage – Exactly what it says on the tin, a short video giving some details and truths about marriage between cousins.

Starcrossed – A short 15 minute video about love between two brothers that ends tragically when their parents find out. It’s well worth watching.

Music that speaks to us:

Muse – Resistance

Christina Aguilera – Beautiful



The Unspeakable Act


Just for a laugh:

Honestly, this isn’t here to cause offence, I honestly found it funny:

Tea, Biscuits and Incest