Likely accidental incest plotline in EastEnders

The fans are going mad, and not in a good way, all because an accidental incest plotline appears to be in the pipeline in the British soap EastEnders. While I don’t usually watch it, I might just tune in just to see how this storyline is portrayed, because, as we all know, these things matter in terms of how such portrayals influence public opinion.

Television’s having the trouble now of competing in a market where Game of Thrones exists – so can it be all that much of a surprise to see beloved TV soap EastEnders chuck a little incest in the mix for shock value?

The fact that incest is considered shocking in itself is lamentable, but I really do hope that the issue is covered in a more sensible way and not just as some clichéd tragedy. Incest, both accidental and otherwise happens in real life, and of course, anything that happens in real life should be portrayed realistically on television. Sadly the public knows so little about our people due to insane legislation that keeps us in the closet, that such accurate portrayals are an extremely rare gem. I don’t hold particularly high hopes for this reason, but we can always hope.

Clearly hoping to nab the spotlight from the Lannisters,EastEnders has seen newcomer Mark Fowler Jnr arrive on the scene to start shamelessly flirting with the women of Walford, including one Courtney Mitchell.

Wait…. shamelessly? I wasn’t aware that flirting was supposed to be shameful, and we must also remember that at this point, Mark  isn’t even aware that Courtney is indeed his half sibling. From his perspective, she is a woman he just met and who he fancies. Even if they were both aware of their parentage, it still wouldn’t be shameful, it would be a normal natural GSA situation.

What the pair don’t know, however, is that Fowler is actually the son of Grant Mitchell himself; convceived after a passionate one-night stand between Michelle Fowler and Grant way back in 1997. 

Making Mark Fowler Jnr and Courtney Mitchell, daughter of Grant, half-brother and sister, and the flirty exchange shared between the pair as they headed out to Notting Hill Carnival not exactly appropriate. 

Inappropriate why? Again, at this point they are unaware of these facts, and even if they weren’t…. this stuff happens in real life. There are many healthy, loving and beautiful couples out there who are closely related, good people who contribute to society and harm nobody. There is nothing inappropriate about it, at all.

“Courtney Mitchell, don’t believe we’ve met,” she introduces herself to Mark; who responds, “Only in my dreams.” 

Fans are pretty certain where that storyline is bound to end up. 

While this chat up line may contain more cheese than a cheddar factory, it would be very unremarkable if it not for the fact that they are related. So let’s take a look at some of the tweets posted in the article.

Courtney and Mark don’t know that they have the same dad? The writers better not think about doing what I think they might do

Courtney and Mark flirting 😂 they’re siblings

Uh oh I hope we don’t get an accidental incest story coming up between Mark Jnr and Courtney

I could go on, but these three pretty much sum up most peoples reactions, they don’t want this storyline. Why? Because it makes them feel uncomfortable that’s why. Incest is a great unknown to most people, and unknowns are uncomfortable and scary, especially when the Westermarck effect is telling them that this particular unknown is icky.

Actually, these kinds of comments show why these storylines are needed, because if tackled correctly and realistically, they could help to challenge wrongful attitudes in society. At this point in time I don’t hold my breath, but one would hope that they don’t turn this into a freak show bonanza.