Jumping on the bandwagon of hate.

I’m writing this mostly in response to the recent frenzy of articles published in the media around the world about the mother/son GSA couple Kim West and Ben Ford. Soon after the original article appeared, so did many more a day or so later. It’s not the wide coverage of the story that bugs me so much is how it was done and how the public have responded to it.

These articles have mostly harped on about how ‘disgusting’ and ‘wrong’ it is and how this couple need ‘help’, and have even incessantly harped on and on about the discredited mutant babies argument. These ‘journalists’ and I use this term in the loosest possible manner, did practically no research at all on GSA and filled in the blanks with their own personal biases and ‘common knowledge’. All of the factual information within them came from the original article. That is not real journalism, it is writing a sensationalist piece based on somebody elses (very limited) knowledge and then putting it into print. A real journalist would have done some research, found out what GSA is really all about and tried to understand it before writing the first sentence. That is after all the only way that they could be sure that they were NOT in fact writing articles full of bullshit. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and bullshit is exactly what the readers got.

What to me is most staggering, is that on almost ANY OTHER TOPIC, research would have been done, apparently GSA and incest are exempt from this most basic of journalistic requirements. Personal bias and common knowledge is apparently enough to fill in the blanks where real knowledge and understanding should be.

This tells us something about these people in general, it tells us that they do not question societal norms when they are deeply ingrained. When people don’t question, what choice do they have but follow the crowd? This herd mentality is a disturbing aspect of human nature itself, and one that we are all guilty of from time to time, but it is also one that can be overcome with a bit of rational thought. In truth everyone has a choice, either behave like Lemmings and just follow the one in front, or get off the beaten path and use ones own brain.

In terms of what such attitudes meant for this poor couple, it meant that several people wrote articles full of bullshit about GSA and en-mass condemned them. It meant that the readers were still ill informed and jumped on the bandwagon of hate against them. It’s even meant that they have had to go into hiding because the cops are after them.

Admittedly, they didn’t present themselves in the best light when they were talking about the ‘mind blowing sex’ and wanting to have a baby. However, they do NOT deserve all this hate levied against them which is based on ignorance and prejudice. I would ask any and all journalists who may come across my website to actually do a bit of research on GSA in case you ever need it for an article of your own. Let’s not continue jumping on the bandwagon of hate, all that does is spread ignorance and prejudice. Let’s be part of the solution instead and give a more balanced view.