Incest may become legal in scotland: UPDATE

You may remember me posting this a few days ago.  Sadly, the outcome was predictable… it was immediately thrown out. The news article about this is found here. According to it:

The committee immediately threw out the petition on the basis that there is “no indication that there is any desire” to legalise incest in Scotland.

Wow… what a lame and sorry excuse for keeping an archaic and discriminatory law on the books. Of course they won’t see desire for it to be legalized… people are too fucking scared to stand up to these bastards who discriminate against us, and for good reason, admitting to incest is likely to get you thrown in jail. I’d tell those MPs to do their research online, come see how many of us there are and how we feel about these laws. Of course there is the desire for the law the change, just not the desire to out oneself in the present climate. These are MPs and they supposed to debate these issues without emotion… and they can’t see the bloody obvious.

The background info for the petition is a really good read, and pretty much says what I’ve been saying on my blog and others have also been saying for much much longer. It contains many gems of wisdom, but I particularly liked the conclusion;

Thus there are no valid reasons to discriminate harshly against the ACI section of the community on the basis of:

1. public opinion; 2. protection of the child and family 3. solidarity of the family and community 4. genetic safety argument.

The Scots incest law perpetuates superstitious, bigoted outmoded beliefs but in its present form, its continued existence is unjustified.  The present Scots incest law does not provide protection to all the children or adults in a family, but many, though abused, gain a lifelong stigma, and psychological trauma though their persecutor, goes ‘Scot free’ because he or she did not violate a vagina with a penis, the only grounds for an incest charge under the existing law.

However the law does unnecessarily and unfairly punish consensual adult incest, breaching the rights to sexual autonomy for all consenting adults that is accepted in other more developed countries.

Well, after reading all that it disgusts me that nobody took this well written, coherent and accurate document seriously enough to give it more than cursory consideration. If there was any justice in the world, it would have been put forth long ago, and the ridiculous laws abolished.