Half-Siblings charged with incest

Today I found this article in my inbox, yet another outrageous example of the discrimination our people face, just for loving who we love.

Marika Lynn Svenson, 19, of Smithfield Avenue, is charged with a second-degree felony for an alleged course of action between April 1, 2015, and Jan. 28, according to court records.

Glenn Reed, 25, of Kane is charged with incest, a second-degree felony; and harassment, a summary offense.

In other words, this couple are both adults over the age of consent. The law cannot say that it is preventing abuse because there clearly wasn’t any.

Bradford City Police said Svenson had sex with her biological half-brother, Reed, more than 100 times in various locations in the City of Bradford, knowing that the two were biological relatives.

Why should this be a crime? If they had sex so many times, they were obviously in a consensual loving relationship. Why or how does their being biologically related mean that it ought to be a criminal offense? Cases such as this one are discriminatory and ridiculous, not to mention a complete waste of police time and taxpayers money. Who were they harming? Nobody.

Witnesses said they had told the pair their relationship was wrong, but neither party stopped.

Why should they? Why is the relationship ‘wrong’? This is never explained because there is no explanation, it’s NOT wrong for two consenting adults to have a relationship.

The only mistake this couple made was being too open about their relationship in the current climate, that is why I strongly recommend to other consanguinamorous couples that they be as discrete as humanly possible for their protection. That said, scream from the rooftops on the Internet and you might just get others to stop and think. Unfortunately for this couple, they got caught.

Really, there is no valid reason to deny consanguinamorous people their full equal rights to enjoy love and marriage the same as any other couple. Throwing us in prison based on societal prejudice and misunderstandings is just plain wrong, anyone who spends a couple of hours online reading either my blog or the other blogs I link to in ‘useful links’ could see that.