Friends of Lily Design Info and downloadable pdfs

The Friends of Lily Design was created by our friend Cristina Shy, over at the Lilysgardener website. It was so named as a nod to the main character in the Forbidden Flower romance novels who was involved with her brother, and the stories were written by Diane Rinella. The logo was inspired by a poem by Keith Pullman over at the Full Marriage Equality website.

“Sealed with blood, a love that’s doubled A red-hot bond, but lovers troubled A garden of lilies, a crimson flower A stalk of purple, of royals and power.

Leaves of green, for assurance enduring Mysterious rarity, attraction alluring Courage to challenge taboos on affection The forbidden reinforced by prejudiced rejection.

Hidden and shrouded in shadows of black Pain and pleasure, withstanding attack Lovers entwined with soulmate sensations Family and friends, more intense in relations.” ~Keith at Full Marriage Equality

So the Friends of Lily Symbol has the following meaning with the colours:

Red – Representing the blood that binds us together in this rare opportunity of “double love”.

Green – Has an emotional correspondence with safety, used in relation to the safety of being with family. It also represents endurance, as our relationships must endure so much discrimination and hate from those people that can’t or won’t understand.

Purple- Represents the mystery and magic of our relationships and is a rare color in nature. We are the rare few in this world who were presented with this opportunity of “double love” and we are rarer still as we are the few who had the courage to seize this most opportunity.

Black- Represents the mystery our relationships are shrouded in due to the oppressive laws we must live and love under.

The circle represents the circle of the family, lover, best friend, and soul mate. The circle is our relationships come full circle.

Now, I had a request recently from a Kindred Spirits member who wanted an A4 sized PDF of the logo. Since such a request is likely to crop up again at some point in the future, I decided to make several PDF files with the logo in a variety of sizes, the largest of which is full sized A4, and the smallest of which is a sheet of 45 tiny copies of the logo on a B4 sheet. I did make, but was unable to upload an A3 size copy, but the file is above the 1MB upload limit on image file sizes. If anybody needs the logo this large, please let me know by e-mail at and I can send it to you as an attachment. Below you will find the links to the pdf files I have created today, to download them right click and choose ‘save link as’, to just view them just click: