Consanguinamory is a blessing, not a curse.

Often a the beginning of a consanguinamorous relationship, people tend to feel that this special double love is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. Some people just plain wish that they didn’t have these feelings because it would make life much easier for them not having to deal with the fact that they’re breaking one of society’s strongest taboos. This is understandable and absolutely normal at that stage given the climate that we live in.

Society harms us with it’s prejudice, telling us we are sick and weirdos and all kinds of things. Many of us internalize this mantra and become self-hating (just as when homosexuality was illegal there were many homophobic homosexuals), because most people do not think at any given time that society can be so far wrong. Yet the truth is that they ARE so far wrong about us that it’s not even funny. By getting people to hate themselves for what they are, society is doing psychological damage to people, and to society that doesn’t matter because they’ve already demonized us by calling us every name under the sun.

This blog exists to demonstrate that we CAN take pride in our identity as consanguinamorous people and love ourselves for who we are. I want to help to undo the damage that has been done to many peoples self-worth as a result of all the anti-incest hate.

Over the years I’ve spoken to so many people over the Internet, and the common thread seems to be that we fall so deeply in love through the mixture of family love and romantic love that it feels like the best feeling on Earth. Nothing could be better, and it can be rather overwhelming. For us the ‘double-love’ is truly the most complete love, and nothing else comes even close. The other common thread is self-hate for feeling that way about a family member because of societal condemnation. A blessing and a curse.

Now for myself, I thought about it and thought about it for ages. If society was different in the way it treated us, would so many consanguinamorous people end up hating their true nature? I had to conclude no. Now instead of sitting on my arse doing nothing about the problem, I decided to start this blog. I tackle the self-hate people hold in two ways… to demonstrate to people that they are normal and healthy, AND to tackle the prejudice, without which the self-hate wouldn’t be there in the first place. That, of course can only be done through education and blogs like this one.

We don’t deserve all the hate from the outside world, who are basically ignorant when it comes to these issues (why wouldn’t they be, they’ve never had to tackle the issues themselves and the information out there in the mainstream is all about abusers and rapists… think Josef Fritzl and you’ve got how the public see us), rather we deserve their acceptance and tolerance, and we deserve equal rights, including the rights of marriage if we so choose.

If we seriously tackle the hate, and the self-hate, all that is left is overwhelming double love, the most intense, deep, and beautiful experience we could wish to have. That to me sounds like a real blessing, not a curse at all. The curse will be lifted. You should not have to change because there is nothing wrong with you. It is the world that must change, and change it will, because blogs like this one will continue until the dream becomes our reality.

I would urge anyone interested in activism to start their own website and give the public your take on it. Don’t be shy we’ve all got something of value to contribute to the cause. Let your heart be filled with love, let your mind be filled with knowledge and the desire to help, and let your unique voice be heard in the wilderness. Mine is but one strong voice, but the collective voices of the whole community will be too loud for the public to ignore us any more. We exist and we will be heard.