Consanguinamory does not need curing!

While this might seem like a blatantly obvious statement to us in the community, it isn’t so obvious at all to the outside world. In fact a flurry of articles as of late have been pretty much describing incest and GSA as a ‘condition’ requiring ‘treatment’ to ‘cure’ people of these ‘sick’ feelings. I believe I speak for everyone when I say ‘bullshit’, and I will tell the world why.

Firstly, in order for consanguinamorous relationships to happen in the first place, there must be a mutual attraction between the people involved. This is based on many factors, including personality, physical attraction, having things in common, compatible worldview, good communication, enjoyment of each others company, and mutual love and respect. Of course, this is the VERY SAME recipe for good exsanguine relationships too, which does go to show that when it comes to romance, we are more similar to regulars than they would believe.

What we have different is the family dimension of the relationship, which is the solid basis upon which such romances are built. Far from being a confusion of family roles, it is actually an affirmation of them, in that they are still family AND lovers simultaneously. This is the double-love bond that most people get so confused about.

So what causes people to label us as mentally ill? I think a number of factors come into play, but these are the main ones:

  • Not understanding the double-love dynamic, and so they assume that we are confused when in fact the confusion is theirs.
  • The ‘nobody in their right mind would want to do that’ mindset, in other words the reaction to the ‘ick’ factor.
  • The assumption of abuse or grooming, for example the idea that adult offspring can’t give meaningful consent.
  • The idea that we are defective because of the fact the Westermarck effect was not effective for us (this one doesn’t even apply to GSA consanguinamory)
  • The herd mentality, everyone calls us deviants and perverts therefore it must be true.

All of the above are very easy to debunk because the flaws are obvious:

  • he double-love bond is an enhancement of the pre-existing family bond, and so no confusion of roles occurs.
  • Yes, some people DO want these relationships, and they are sane normal people. It’s not icky to everyone… get over it.
  • Anyone who is old enough to consent, is old enough to decide for themselves who to consent with, including their parent.
  • A weak or absent Westermarck effect is not a defect, it is part of the natural diversity of human beings and their relationship orientations.
  • Everyone once said that the Earth was flat… it didn’t make it true.

So you see… there is no illness to treat. We are normal, functional, healthy human beings with feelings, and we are entitled to have whichever relationships we choose without fear of persecution, prosecution, harassment or bullying. We need to be allowed to just be what we are without all the hate. Society was dead wrong about gays needing treatment, and they are equally wrong about us. All we ask for is acceptance and mutual respect, society has nothing to fear from us and has everything to gain.