Consanguinamory and Polyamory

It’s about time I did a post on this topic, because there seems to be a decent number of people in consanguinamorous polycules. So in many ways these people are double dissed by society firstly for incest and secondly for not being monogamous. Although most of my blog has focused on monogamous consanguinamory, I think it is important that I voice my support for consang poly people too because they do exist and they do make up a portion of our membership.

Of course, in my essays about consanguinamory in general, I have theorized that it is quite possible that there may be a genetic component to consanguinamory, although not a consang gene as such, but a gene which would account for lack of Westermarck Effect. Not only would this explain monogamous consanguinamory, but it would also explain polyamorous consanguinamory too if many people within the family unit had inherited this gene.I could be completely wrong of course, because at this stage we cannot possibly know for sure, as no research has yet been done in this area. However this is one theory that fits the observable facts. We also do not know whether or not genetics plays much of a role in polyamory.

There is of course some polycules, which appear to be less common by my observation, in which an open minded regular is involved. Where there is a consang relationship, and one of those within it is also in a regular relationship too. This has to take an extraordinary amount of trust in the current climate, and I am in awe that some people are able to be so open and I would also commend anyone who is open minded enough to enter such a relationship with a consang couple. Of course, the regular would not be able to experience the whole double-love effect going on because that is exclusive to consanguinamory, but they can undoubtedly form good solid beneficial relationships with the consang couple which can last for many years. I would wager than poly regulars are usually more open minded than mono regulars because they also face discrimination and bashing from society.

One reason I bring all of this up is because there are some people who might support polyamory but not consanguinamory, and vice versa. Yet people who are involved in BOTH need acceptance and support just the same, and it is my intent that they find it here. It also highlights why FULL MARRIAGE EQUALITY is needed so that everyone can express their true nature and have that legally recognized by the establishment.

Another reason I bring it up is to break down some of the negative stereotypes. Consanguinamorous people are often described as ‘desperate’, where poly people have been stereotyped as sexually immoral or promiscuous, which is far from the truth. There are many closed polycules where there is no cheating going on, cheating is STILL AGAINST THE RULES in polyamory. It’s not about how many people they can shag and get away with it, it’s about developing and maintaining multiple loving relationships in an arrangement that everyone is happy with. Likewise consanguinamorous people are clearly NOT in such relationships due to being unable to find anyone else, we end up in such relationships because of the overwhelming double-love we feel. It is frustrating to many people that such assumptions are made with so little thought. I realize that making assumptions is sometimes human nature, but come on people, REALLY?

I would call upon the polyamory circles out there to accept that some of their number are also consanguinamorous and to welcome and support them where our communities overlap, we are stronger united than separate and stand a better chance of claiming our legitimate legal rights. Any poly people reading this post who don’t know much about consanguinamory is of course free to read by blog, and of course the other blogs on the subject. Education is most important for achieving our common  objectives. I would also advise LGBT groups to do the same, as not all consanguinamorous polycules are exclusively heterosexual either, and a percentage of monogamous consanguinamory involves gay and lesbian relationships too.