Consanguinamory and Feminism

One of the arguments that some people try to use in order to justify incest remaining illegal is to claim that it protects young women from predation by their relatives. There are several things wrong with that line of reasoning, first it assumes that any consanguinamorous male must be predatory by default, that’s a load of bull for a start. Second, it makes the ridiculous assumption that women would never want to have such a relationship, demonstrably untrue. Thirdly, it assumes that the woman is always younger than the man, that’s sometimes the case, but not always. Fourthly, it brings into question a womans ability to make up her own mind about who she would like to have a relationship with, something that, as a woman, I find insulting.

Now, you’ve obviously noticed the title of this essay, and I want to talk a little bit about what feminism really means, because there days it gets some bad press. Feminism is holding to the principle that women and men are are of equal worth, with a view to empowering both women and men in order to ensure that equality, that’s it. Some ‘feminists’ have taken it much too far and have started hating on men, which makes them the female equivalent of chauvinist pigs in my opinion. I want to make it clear here that this virulent brand of feminism is NOT what I’m talking about in this essay, but the former type which is empowering for both sexes.

So, when I say that I’m a feminist, and that I’m for the legalization of incest, I mean that I am for all people having the right to choose their family members as their partners if they want to. How is a woman being empowered if she is in love with her brother or father, and then is denied the right to such a relationship for her ‘protection’? She isn’t obviously, and yet so many are blind to this most obvious of facts. These laws do not empower women, they demean them, and what’s more they demean men too by making them out to be sexual predators.

Time and again, the excuses piled up on top of excuses to keep incest illegal fail to hold any logical, moral or factual ground. The protection of women is yet another ridiculous excuse. Women need protecting from sexual harassment, stalking and rape…. but NOT from relationships with family members that they are free to say yes or no to. If a woman is free to decline a relationship, then she is also free to accept one too, and that includes incestuous relationships.

In truth, this much needed amendment to the law will empower both sexes equally and insert a good deal of common sense into the criminal justice system. That is a worthy feminist argument for our liberation.