Consanguinamory affects people from all walks of life.

There is sadly a perception in the mainstream that only ignorant, uneducated, or unemployed poor people are going to engage in incest, or be affected by GSA. Naturally the mainstream media more often than not tries to maintain that perception by reporting any and all incest in that light. This perception is also further upheld by the fact that wealthy people who fall foul of these outrageous laws, can afford the types of lawyer which are more often than not able to get the case against the defendants dropped pretty quickly. With this in mind, if you’re consang and poor, you’re more likely to bear the full wrath of the law than your wealthy counterparts.

In truth, a minority of people from ALL backgrounds can experience GSA or consensual incest. We are a very diverse people and we come from all ethnic, socio-economic, political, cultural and religious backgrounds. All consanguinamory requires is the absence of the lack of the Westermarck Effect, and this can potentially affect anyone. In fact, many of us who have had such experiences would have previously believed the societal bullshit about incest and GSA.

With this in mind, anybody out there reading this article who has previously piled on the hate when it comes to consang couples should bear in mind that unknown to them, they might personally know somebody who is consang. It could be a neighbor, a work colleague, a close friend, even a member of their own family. Would this person be any less loved and any less of a person because of their orientation or relationship choice? No, their sexuality changes not a thing, except potentially your misconceptions. When you hate on one consang couple, you hate on us all, a group of people you may know little or nothing about. Spare a thought for a moment, what if somebody very close to you is consang, and hears you going on a rant about a consang couple you heard about in the news and how disgusting they are. How would you make that person close to you feel? What if that person was your parent, your sibling, or your own offspring? Your rejection of that couple on the news is also a rejection of them and an attack on their identity. I’m calling you to compassion and understanding, and to the rejection of hate.

Naturally, many of us within the community are very concerned about our public image, not least because it directly ties in to how the public react to us. I’m concerned about that too which is one of the reasons I set up this website to set the record straight and to educate people about this topic. Education is very important, and only by education and by showing solidarity within the community can we achieve the public awareness shift required to bring about the much needed legislative changes. An attack on one of us is an attack on us all, and so any and all couples who have had the courage to brave a media storm and mass incestophobic hysteria, for whatever reason, should be universally applauded and held up as ambassadors of the cause regardless of their background or situation. In the end, the truth will win out, those of us on the frontlines of the battle will see to that, watch this space over the coming couple of decades. Until the job is done, however, we must stick together as one community, one global family of consang people in mutual support and unconditional acceptance of each other putting aside our differences and disagreements about anything else.