Bad news on the Scottish Petition

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here guys, but I’ve heard from Richard this week, and the SECOND Scottish petition has failed to make a difference. To add insult to injury, this time is took under one minute for them to decide to keep these discriminatory laws in place.

Here is a list of the petitions that were heard that day. Below is the youtube video of the hearing. Listen from 20:28 to 21:21.


You know what makes this all the worse? That there was zero discussion this time around, they simply decided to close it. I really really wish that these people would try for one minute to put themselves in the shoes of somebody who has fallen in love with a relative and who simply wants to live their life in peace. Incest may be unpopular, but that is no reason to keep it illegal. The people in that room had a fine chance to do the decent thing, but they didn’t. Shame on them!

I swear, one day a similar petition WILL be taken seriously. We are gradually gaining ground, even though at this time it doesn’t look like we are. It takes a long time to uproot such an ingrained prejudice, so we should neither be surprised nor discouraged by this kind of news. Rather we should press on with the task of changing hearts and minds one by one, because once public opinion has been changed, people like these will have to start listening and change the laws to reflect a newer and more tolerant society. We can never and must never give up on the issue of our rights, because gaining those rights will truly reflect our worth as fellow human beings. These laws are an injustice, and they must change. So hang on in there, and help the movement if you can, even if it is just sharing our blog posts around. Love will always win against hate, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all it takes is enough time and effort.

Again, I would like to publicly thank Richard for making this second petition for us, his contribution to our movement is valuable even though it didn’t have the desired outcome on this occasion.