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You are not alone

Is it wrong?

Help, I think a family member might be consanguinamarous.

Help, I think I’m consanguinamorous.

The two types of consanguinamory

Living without shame

What’s it like?

Consanguinamory and human rights

It’s a sexual orientation, not a fetish

Anti-Incest laws cause more harm than good

If the relationship ends

Cousins, incest or not?

Legalizing consanguinamorous relationships

Consanguinamory is a blessing, not a curse

The Nature-Nurture debate… which makes us consanguinamorous?

Power differentials and intergenerational consanguinamory

Consanguinamory and Christianity

When it starts: Overwhelming love and Inner conflict

Community, Solidarity and Trust

Common traits of consanguinamorous people

Teenagers and consanguinamorous sexuality

Pedophiles who claim to be ‘incestuous’… but they’re so not

Freud vs Westermarck, the debate.

Religious Bigot quotes me, and then calls our community a threat

The incest porn craze, where is the harm?

Myths about consanguinamory

More myths about consanguinamory

Why “there’s plenty more fish in the sea” is a stupid argument

What relationships count as incest?

What the world can learn from us

Setting the bar, why the slippery slope fallacy is a nonsense

Coming out, the good and the bad

Whether to have kids, and how

Double-Love Explained

Marriage laws need a rethink and a re-write

Why cheating to experience consanguinamory isn’t a good idea

What makes consanguinamory so amazing

Unrequited consanguinamory and family exes

Helping the community

Parents need extra reassurance and love

Legalizing incest will help win the war against childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence

How common is consanguinamory?

The amazing parallels between the Consanguinamorous rights movement and the LGBT movement

Gender stereotypes contribute to misunderstanding of consanguinamory

Consanguinamory and mental health

A guide to dealing with bigotry

People don’t choose their feelings

What is true open-mindedness?

Religious Bigot Quotes me, Round 2

The ten rules to keeping your relationship secret

Objective and subjective views on sexual morality

How anti-incest prejudice and discrimination harms children

Consanguinamory does not need curing

Jumping on the bandwagon of hate

When family dysfunction leads to consensual incest

Accidental incest and prolific sperm donors

Equality is only equality if it applies to everyone

It just happens!

Ignoring your feelings does not make them go away.

No Comment

Being empowered as a consanguinamorous person

Why the consanguinamory movement should shun political correctness

When addictions affect consanguinamorous relationships

The impact of incest in contemporary fiction

What NOT to say to consanguinamorous people

The horrific seven costs of incestophobia

The state DOES NOT necessarily know best

Unconventional love needs no justification

Democracy, Freedom and Consanguinamory

Our post legalization impact on society

Is it a good idea?

Three phases to full equality

What to do if you have consanguinamorous children

Telling people that they can’t consent is insulting

Now we need the cousins on board, oh, and Non-GSA people should be more active in our community and liberation too!

Consanguinamory and Feminism

Dealing with online haters

 Consanguinamory affects people from all walks of life

Identifying the difference between abuse and consensual sex

 Why consanguinamory is an orientation

Lets promote equal rights for ALL consenting adults

 Let’s ditch the double standards!

Identifying coercive relationships

 Trolls and Fakers, Questions and Answers

Choosing whether to act or not

Consanguinamory and Polyamory

What some well-intentioned but misunderstanding regulars might say

Not letting regressives win

Tackling incestophobia

Arguments that aren’t even arguments

No, Incest is NOT immoral

We are NOT powerless

When people accuse us of being ‘mentally ill’

Tips for staying happy in a world that’s hostile

What will it take?

The morality of consanguinamorous reproduction

Addressing concerns about grooming and sexual abuse

For those struggling with guilt: some self-help


When is it safe to let my guard down?

Getting Caught and how to avoid it

The Imapact of Discrimination on mental health

When a normally good media policy isn’t good for us

Factors contributing to extreme incestophobia

Genetic Engineering and Consanguinamory

No room for haters in our movement

When is pursuing a consang relationship a bad idea?

Is it my orientation or not?

Being a Single Consang

How flexible is human sexuality?

Family dynamics and Consanguinamory

The Pladl Tragedy

Orientations are NOT to blame for tragedies

Lets Celebrate Consanguinamory Day, April 28th

Incestophobia from other sexual minorities

Being on the scale and in a regular relationship

Ignoramuses on Tumblr

The line was never more clear

Handling Coming Out