An outrageous case of discrimination: UPDATE

Well, it seems that Caleb Peterson and Monica Mares have been remanded in custody… for breaking a no contact condition of their release. I for one find it absurd that this couple should be allowed no contact until the trial, I actually find it absurd that there is a trial to begin with. Incest between consenting adults should NOT BE A CRIME.

In this article, I found this last bit most interesting:

Both suspects were arrested and released on $5,000 bond. During Friday’s arraignment proceedings, Peterson informed Castleberry he was not read his rights upon his arrest.

Could this be the reason that this fine upstanding 19 year old man, who wanted to take care of his mother and help her raise her other children  actually confessed to his relationship with his mother? HE WASN’T READ HIS RIGHTS. Maybe he wasn’t aware that he had THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. Wow…. I hope his lawyer pounces all over this one and gets them both off on this technicality.

Let this be a lesson to all consanguinamorous couples… if you’re ever arrested, there is only ONE THING you need to say in any police interview: NO COMMENT. Remember, it’s their burden to prove you did it, no evidence, no case.

I really do wish this couple the best on Monday… sure as hell I am going to look for the updates on this appalling case of injustice and bigotry.