An outrageous case of discrimination: UPDATE 3

Well guys, I promised an update when one was available and here is the latest.

A Clovis man and his mother accused of incest were freed on bond Wednesday after being arraigned in district court proceedings one day prior.

Caleb Peterson, 19, and his mother, Monica Mares, 36, were slated to be arraigned on the incest charges March 11 before Magistrate Court Judge Duane Castleberry.

Instead, both were taken into custody for allegedly violating the no-contact order. Both had bonds of $5,000 cash only. In addition to incest, a third-degree felony, both are accused of violating a court order that barred them from contacting each other after their February arrests.

Well, as I have previously stated, it is a complete and utter waste of the courts time and resources even prosecuting people for incest in the first place. They were consenting adults, they were not hurting anyone. While I can see how this might have upset some people, that is NOT a valid reason to put them in the dock.

Court records revealed under the $5,000 cash/surety district court bond agreement, Peterson and Mares are not to have any contact with one another. The case was transferred from magistrate court to district court. According to court records, Judge Matthew E. Chandler presided over the district court proceedings.

So a couple who were clearly in love and happy together are to not contact each other… yes, this is how heartless the system is. I hope they have an ALLY friend who can act as a go between. It must be absolutely heartbreaking for the both of them.

Also according to court records:
• Police first learned of incest allegations between Peterson and Mares during a response to a domestic dispute taking place near the suspects’ home.

Yes, busybodies interfered and reported them. Let it be known that just because somebody disagrees with a relationship, and just because the two people are biologically closely related, it DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS WRONG. Caleb and Monica deserve to live in peace without harassment, and they certainly DO NOT deserve this outrageous court case against them.

• Peterson, adopted by another family as a child, made contact with his biological mother and moved in with her after his 18th birthday. The record alleges that their relationship became sexual after Peterson moved in.

Which makes it GSA rather than conventional incest, but EVEN IF IT WAS, it should not matter. If two consenting adults choose to make love, what business is that of the law? I would argue none at all, because they were not harming anyone. The law need only get involved if somebody is being abused, this is clearly not happening in this case.

If convicted for incest — a third-degree felony — the two could each spend up to three years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

As I have said before, that is insane.  Three years in jail and a $5000 fine FOR CONSENSUAL SEX WITH ANOTHER ADULT, just because of who that other adult is. That is complete madness, and immoral.

Efforts to reach the attorneys for Peterson and Mares for comment were unsuccessful.

Understandable, they probably don’t want to be dragged through the mud any more than they have been already. If the system showed any compassion they might have added a comment.

In any case, the community are completely behind Caleb and Monica, BTW… If either of you are reading our coverage, you can contact me on I can put you in touch with a friend who can offer some secretarial legal services in the form of letter writing. I promise that this will be in the strictest of confidence and I will delete your e-mail address as soon as I have made such connection between you. Even if you do not feel comfortable doing this, we are all rooting for you both, and we wish you well.