An open letter to media bosses and journalists

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter for you today with regards to how the mainstream media, both on television and in newspapers, tabloids and blog articles, cover stories about incest. Allow me to introduce myself before I begin, I am Jane Doe, one of a small but growing number of bloggers who are trying to educate people on this subject by giving them the facts about incest between consenting adults, with the view to the laws against it being repealed at some future date.

As of late, I have seen a great number of articles about the subject of Genetic Sexual Attraction and incest that have been woefully lacking in many respects. To make matters even worse, many articles have even falsely conflated consensual adult incest with childhood sexual abuse and rape. Some have even gone so far as to invoke the truly grotesque examples of Josef Fritzl and Frederick West to demonstrate how incest is bad. Yet these monsters have nothing in common with the online community that I belong to and represent. Those two cases are as shocking and as horrifying to us as they are to anyone else.

Now, of course I understand that the subject matter is a difficult one for the media to cover. Incest is such a taboo that even a frank discussion about it is taboo, and yet the taboo sells newspapers for shock value alone. Your job, as journalists and as media bosses is to sell your product to the public. The temptation to sensationalize a story in pursuit of profit and higher ratings is a natural instinct

However, I must tell you that you are doing a disservice to the public, in that you are not adequately researching the subject and are very often holding up these couples as circus freaks to be mocked, ridiculed, even hunted down and thrown in jail. In some cases, journalists have suggested that rather than being imprisoned, that these couples should be put into counselling. Since I think it’s safe to say that none of these journalists are doctors or psychiatrists, it isn’t very smart that they’re offering such a wild diagnosis. One recent example of this behavior was the media frenzy surrounding Kim West and Ben Ford, a GSA mother/son couple, who had to flee their home as law enforcement was after them.

This said, there are many genuine journalists out there who would like to get our stories out to the public, and those ones get my respect and thanks. However, the rules that the media bosses give them with regards to interviews are making it impossible for them to do their job, namely get our stories. What you must understand is that most people are living in places where incest is illegal, and they could go to prison for revealing their identities. I understand that you often promise to keep us anonymous, and anonymous to the public at large we believe you. However, should the courts subpoena you, you would be lawfully obligated to hand over the personal information of everybody who participated to the authorities. us, true anonymity means that we remain anonymous even to journalists. You could even still do video media with such information, by asking us questions, we provide the answers, and then an actor can read our answers. Lets be honest here, you want our stories to sell media, we want to give you our stories to get the truth about these relationships out there… so let’s be realistic about it and offer us true anonymity, and you will be surprised at how many people will be willing to partake in such interviews.

In closing I will ask you to simply consider all I’ve said to you in this letter. I am asking that you stop conflating incest with child abuse and rapists, that you do some real research before writing articles that exhibit biases and personal prejudices rather than real information, that you stop sensationalizing and demonizing us, and that you offer real anonymity to those you wish to interview.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours faithfully,

Jane Doe