An Open Letter to Legislators

Dear Sir/Madam,

If you are reading this letter, the chances are that the government in your country is having a debate on whether or not incest ought be legal or illegal. Even if that is not currently the case, I would urge you to read on anyway in order to hear I have to say on the matter on behalf of the consanguinamorous community, because such debates are necessary and inevitable given enough time.

As you are aware, most people have a natural aversion to the idea of having a sexual relationship with a close family member, although obviously this is not the case for everybody. You may yourself feel such an aversion, but ask yourself this: do such feelings of disgust provide sufficient basis for the legality or illegality of any given course of action? I would argue not. In fact, personal disgust was one factor that kept homosexual sex illegal for as long as it was. Not many people would currently argue that homosexuality should be illegal based upon their disgust with the act itself, as such a weak argument is in fact no argument at all.

There are of course other objections to incestuous relationships which I am going to cover in this letter. The next of which is the ‘mutant babies’ argument, which states that the prohibition against incest is necessary to prevent the births of horribly deformed children. On the surface this may look reasonable to many people, after all, increased risks exist for people who are first, second and to a lesser extent third degree relatives.

I would urge you to look at this another way. Increased risks of congenital defects exist for other groups of people as well; such as women over the age of forty, people who themselves have an inheritable genetic defect, people who are frequent users of recreational drugs, people suffering from alcoholism, and people who are taking medications that may impede the normal development of an unborn child. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but all of the above mentioned persons may have children legally, and some of those people have risks vastly greater than the average healthy incestuous couple. If we are going to argue that incest should be illegal in order to prevent defective offspring from being born, we should also be arguing that the above persons be prevented from breeding also. Of course, this sounds a whole lot like eugenics, which of course, it is. On this basis, I would say that this is insufficient grounds to ban incest.

Furthermore, not every incestuous couple can procreate, and of those who can, large numbers will be unwilling to do so. For a start, those in homosexual incestuous relationships are unable to do so with each other for obvious reasons. The same of course goes for those in which the woman involved is post-menopausal. Those who choose not to have children have a large array of very effective contraceptives available from their doctors, and some may even choose to opt for vasectomy or sterilization as a more permanent solution. For those who do want children, they too can choose not to inbreed by using other methods; sperm banks, surrogacy and adoption are just three valid methods that can be used. Of course a small number will either actively choose to have biological children of their own, or fall pregnant accidentally. Yet of this tiny number of children that will be born to incestuous couples, only a small fraction of those will have any noticeable defect. The numbers are sufficiently small as to put no discernible strain upon the public health system, and so even on these grounds it makes no logical sense to ban these relationships.

Another main concern that will effect your decision is the preservation of the traditional family unit. Many people wrongly believe that any incest must necessarily destroy traditional family roles and thus destroy the family bond. This is a misperception of what is actually happening. Most incestuous couples speak of a very powerful and deep’double-love’ bond, which is a merger between family love and romantic love, where the romantic love is an add-on to the family bond. Far from destroying the family bond, it does the reverse by actually strengthening it.

Also, there are plenty of other actions which are perfectly legal which do threaten family cohesion, divorce, cheating, being heavily in debt, excessive drinking and gambling, not spending enough time at home with the family… etc. Nobody would argue to outlaw the above, so why use possible destabilization of the family unit as a reason to keep incest illegal? Clearly this is not a valid argument.

Another point I would like to make is that consensual adult incest is a victimless crime. What is the point on wasting state resources persecuting a minority group that doesn’t harm anyone? Those resources would be far better spent apprehending serious criminals and predatory pedophiles.

On the subject of predatory pedophiles, our community finds them absolutely abhorrent just as everyone else does. Legalizing incest between consenting adults will not lead to making life easier for these monsters, because existing laws are already in place that criminalize any sexual contact between adults and minors. If anything the laws against child molesters and rapists do not go far enough, and their sentences ought to be harsher in many countries than they actually are. Our community is an ally for you in the fight against childhood sexual abuse.

For those reading this who are worried about consent issues regarding parent/adult offspring incest, it is worth remembering that young adults have minds of their own and yes, they are perfectly able to consent. If somebody is old enough to fight a war, to drive a car, to vote in an election, to purchase and consume intoxicating liqueur, to have an orgy with a group of people that he or she just met… then surely they are old enough to decide whether or not to have sex with a parent. If a person is old enough to consent to sex, then they are old enough to consent to it with any other adult. That’s just basic logic.

Some people may worry that incest is the cause or the symptom of mental problems. It follows the line of reasoning that ‘nobody in their right mind would want to do that’. I would say that just because you wouldn’t personally do it, does not mean that somebody else won’t want to. After having spoken to so many people online in these relationships over the years, I have yet to speak to any who appeared in any way unstable. I have however spoken to many who were feeling down and depressed, not because of their relationship, but because of having to hide their relationship from everyone around them. Being the victim of societal prejudice is no fun. Further problems are being caused to people who are wrongfully lead to believe that the intense love they feel is somehow sick and bad, they internalize societal hate and become self-hating. This is not healthy, but it is NOT the incest that causes it, it is the reaction towards these relationships that does, further compounded by fears of being discovered and thrown into jail. How is any of this right or fair? I argue most strongly that it is an injustice, it is prejudice of the worst kind, and it must stop.

It is also important to note that in very recent history, homosexuality was once classified as a mental illness. Only by education did this false perception stop. Right now the public has very little real knowledge of the consanguinamorous community and what we really are all about. The only source of information for most people, including legislators tends to be societal perception and misinformation. Obviously those sources do not portray an accurate picture of our people. My website exists to help to set the record straight, to provide a window into our lives and who we are as a distinct group of people. There are other websites out there too, which I link to in the ‘useful links’ part of the website. Some of the information on those is far more detailed and thorough than mine is. I would highly recommend that you at least take a look at those. Through reading through this information, you will have heard our side of the story too, and be better equipped to assess your vote from all angles.

So, if you are now going into a debate on this issue, please bear in mind all that I have said here. I obviously urge you to vote for the legalization of incest based upon all I have said. If you still have the time, I would ask you to browse through this website to gain a more full picture of the issues involved. Of course you should go with your own conscience, I hope that you vote on the side of freedom and enlightenment. I thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Yours faithfully,

Jane Doe