An excited and supportive letter

Well guys, I got this one in my inbox this morning:

Finally after all this time, I found your site! Thank you so very very much for hosting it, and for being a voice like you are (especially when no one wants to say anything). It takes an admirable courage, and well… it’s more than relieving to see that not only are there like-minded people, but that there are the beginnings of an activist movement.
      I always knew there was a website like yours out there, somewhere, and that if I looked long enough then… things would just line up and it would be found. And now… I really don’t know what to say except thank you! over and over again, thank you! It isn’t so much vindication, but maybe more like “finding one’s people”; hopefully that makes a certain sense. It feels like it will.
      To be forthcoming: I’ve never entered into a consanguinamorous relationship, and most likely never will. But, it is still an aspect of who I am, and (hopefully you understand) that is not diminished by circumstance.
      The podcasts are also lovely to hear, even with the warbly voice effect; in some ways, that really drives the point home too, because you can’t be too safe about this sort of thing especially in this information age especially when there’s people who have an axe to grind.
      Again thank you! just because!
      And the articles you write are the ones that need to be written – not just because the information needs to get out there, but because a minority that never finds a voice, never finds a listener. Outsiders looking-in have some interesting ideas, as well as perhaps even best intentions, but it’s just not the same. It’s always like that.
      Your hypothesis about double-bonding was intriguing, because it is something that I have been thinking as well (though not nearly as formulated as yours is!) and when I asked [someone trustworthy] if they thought a consanguinamorous couple might have a substantially more intense bond and why, they also came to the idea of a double-bonded relationship. It’s very encouraging consilience.
      It just seems like so much
      And the forum, Kindred Hearts, seems interesting too, though not yet sure what to make of it since some of the more recent posts mentioned closing or something? and that it still feels “out in the open” and the rules just… well but anyway! This has been a bit of a ramble! and hopefully you still check this email!
      Thank you very much for reading this or even skimming through it!
      If at all possible, it would be lovely to hear back from you whenever is timely for you.
      If it’s not possible, that too is understandable; life has a way of doing things, and sometimes it doesn’t all line up. Surely though, we will both do our parts to the utmost of our ability. It really can’t be otherwise.
      Again thank you so much for putting this all together!

Very much love
Be good, and stay safe out there

Thank you very much for this kind letter, I’m always glad to receive such communications from members of the public.

In terms of our movement, we’re really at the beginning stages. The main aim for now is education about the subject, which will in turn change attitudes, which will then lead to the legal changes we need. We can’t very well complain about discrimination if we aren’t prepared to do something about it and work to change it. That’s what this website, and those I link to in ‘useful links’ are all about.

I am glad that you and your trustworthy friend were able to understand the double-love concept. It’s not really a hypothesis any more, it’s a phenomenon that all such couples experience in both GSA and Non-GSA relationships.

As to Kindred Spirits, we have not closed down, we have simply moved. The old forum provider went down for a month leaving us with no forum… so we HAVE the new one HERE. Interestingly, the old one came back online only days after this one was created, so now we’re in the rather odd space of having TWO forums.

In any case, thanks again for your letter.

Take care,