An astounding level of ignorance on daytime TV

Okay guys, today I have a short excerpt from a daytime TV show in the United States, where the couple Kim West and Ben Ford are mentioned:

For the purposes of this analysis, my words are in BLUE.

It opens with a man saying that the story gives him ‘the creeps‘ and that their relationship took a ‘disturbing turn when they found themselves sexually attracted to each other‘.

If it gives you the creeps or you find it disturbing, that’s fine, don’t have a GSA relationship then. 

It goes downhill from here, with the question being asked ‘is this a pschological condition, or incest?

Neither GSA nor incest are psychological conditions, they are both valid relationship options.

A therapist is in the audience, who states that it is ‘not common‘ and that ‘most people who have a feeling like that would be ashamed and embarrassed and uncomfortable

Not very well educated in this subject are you, up to 50% of reunited relatives experience Genetic sexual attraction. Shame is the by-product of societal conditioning. If people knew more about GSA and incest, there wouldn’t be any reason for the shame people feel.

A few sentences later, a lady in the panel asks ‘from a societal point of view, you mean to tell me that there isn’t one other person you can be attracted to that you don’t share half the same chromosomal DNA with. I find that really difficult to wrap my head around

Most people involved in GSA and incest CAN feel attracted to others, but it just isn’t the same. Those of us who have experienced both realize that there is a deep double-love bond that goes much further than mere physical attraction, a bond that simply CANNOT be found with an unrelated person. I can look at many random guys and find some of them attractive, but that isn’t the same as having a deep loving bond which encompasses family love an romantic love, and surpassing them both. Asking us to forego our love and find an alternative is just plain cruel.

To which the psychotherapist replies ‘I think they get mixed up, with the ‘I longed to know you, I feel a connection with you, and it sort of gets turned into ‘I think we have chemistry’ instead of just that connection

No, there isn’t any mix-up here from what I can see. They are perfectly aware that they are mother and son. Role confusion is a very common misunderstanding here, because there is no confusion. They are mother and son, and they are lovers, these two roles blend into each other and become something more when combined. 

A man in the panel adds ‘Look, in current society, it’s talked about more, but there are a lot of inappropriate sexual relationships that occur, you know, with an adult or a child. And in many ways, even though the son is now a grown up… I would almost put it in that…I would say that this is ultimately the responsibility of the mother to say ‘look, you’re my son’. I mean, she’s still his mother, to say ‘You’re my son, we can’t so this

You were about to compare it to pedophilia, but stopped yourself in time, perhaps realizing exactly how stupid that sounded. She is his mother, but as equal adults, they have the capacity to enter into a relationship of their own accord, and if both are consenting there is NO GOOD REASON why they should not be free to have a relationship.


The psychotherapist says ‘something’s not right with her for sure’

Why not? She’s in love with a guy who happens to be her son. Shouldn’t even be an issue. 

It annoys me when I see things like this, bigotry and ignorance in action. I almost wanted to reach into the screen and whack them with a clue bat, might have knocked some sense into them.